Thursday, May 08, 2008

Questions to the General Secretary of Hezbollah?

Disclaimer: it does not mean I support 14th of March, I have tons of questioning to them as well:

Questions to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah:

1) How did the PSP know and was able to reach Nasrallah's house with the French diplomat?

2) Shouldnt he apologize to the Syndicates after waiting for their demonstration to use it for his own causes?

3) Resistance is not God-Given as he sees it, or is it?

4) Is Nasrallah going to aim his weaponry to the inside of Lebanon if the government doesnt back out for the first time ever since he took over in 1992?

5) Will the government back out after this offensive without offering a face-saving deal?

6) I agree about the arms of the government, but what about his allies as well?

7) I agree about the corruption of the government, but why he doesnt shed light on his allies as well?

8) Why didnt he discuss the rising prices of food and living conditions, which his party was involved in fighting for the past three years?

I hope he would open the door for save-face deal soon, and not the new era he preaches as bloody...

PS: MP Saad Harriri seems he will reply today?

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