Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Opposition Proceeds to Protect the "Resistance"

The Civil Disobediance mentioned by the Opposition meant that the Roads remained closed, and despite the army's statement, the militants remained. Twice I was stopped, but they were nice to me. They are people who live in my street, I just never thought they were able to carry arms so I guess they know me.

After the complete control of West Beirut, the eyes were aimed at Baabda – Alley, the Opposition used their heavy weaponry, while the PSP tried to fight back.

Eventually, Walid Junblatt decided the humiliation over the bloodbath. This doesn’t mean that Junblatt is an angel, but I do believe militarily the Mt. Lebanon is no match to Hezbollah. Junblatt called his arch-nemesis, Prince Irslan, to negotiate. The Latter agreed on the condition that the PSP surrenders his arms.

Now, one question, if Hezbollah's arms are justified as resistance, what about their allies, not to forget the Government.

One village reported to have begged for the Lebanese Army to enter, they stayed aside and received a nice share of Hezbollah bombs.

The battles and bombardments continue, this doesn’t mean that the PSP don’t have to fire, but not like Hezbollah's fire power. The latter think they are destroying the allies of Israel. They were supposed to have a seize fire on 6:00 and let the army take over , but the battles continue.

I suspected one day Hezbollah will turn their weaponry on the inside, but never expected it under the reign of Hassan Nasrallah.

As always the Arab League does nothing, which they declared an immergency meeting (which after 72 hours of chaos) and they just issued a statement: please stop fighting. Why thank you...

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