Thursday, May 08, 2008

Questions to the Head of the Future Movement, MP Harriri!

Disclaimer: Asking these questions does not make me a supporter of the Opposition, I hate them both!

• From where Future movement transformed quickly from a movement of businessmen to a highly organized armed group?
• Why were your allies, the other Sunni Groups, demanding the Sunnis of Syria to resurrect against their regime?
• Why ask Nasrallah to take away his warriors, but not taking your own as well?
• Why Compete with him on "who hates Israel more?
• Why contradict yourself by saying that Beirut does not yield to any invading forces, and then your channel says: Beirut is under siege?
• Why like Hassan Nasrallah, you don’t want a Sunni – Shiite crisis, but like him you spearhead a whole sect and like him, get your power from them?

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