Thursday, May 08, 2008

Liars and Liars!

Future TV reports that Hezbollah Militants are doing check-points and asking people for their identity cards; in parallel, reports that the Lebanese Forces, Durzi PSP, and the Future are also doing check-points and investigating people by looking at their identity cards.

Future TV reports stuff not founded in the opposition media and vice versa. For example, Future TV reports how Hezbollah militants are wearing their gears and are barricading Bshara el khoury, while reports that Future Militias are attacking this location or that. This is the peak of the media wars.
What I said last year came true: the no point return peaked. All are giving war speeches and riots are breaking out through out the nation. One stupid camp thinks they are fighting the Israelis and the Americans, while another they are fighting Syria and Iran.

Hezbollah escalated when the government called their bluffs. Hezbollah were cornered politically, and hence they needed the chance to expand their sphere. Al-Manar reports that social centers of Future turned out to be training grounds, neglects mentioning AMAL's RPGs being used in riots. What about the ak-47s that they all have?

Now most of the streets are empty, everyone awaits Nasrallah's speech, but we all now that this is going to be a speech announcing the beginning of a civil war, or more like in their own words "civil disobedience", but with arms.

What is my fault or anyone's fault if these greedy politicians are not agreeing and we have to pay the price by witnessing ak-47s pointed on our heads from both sides? I fully accuse the leaders in the government and the opposition to bully the citizens since they are the minority who wants to enter a war!!!!


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