Monday, May 12, 2008

Media Vol. 2

If NBN accuses Arabiya of stirring fights because it is against them politically, what is it, any media against them are automatically Israelis? What about their way of coverage about how they are defeating the enemy or "freeing the other sects" or "defending the resistance?" or not even mentioning anything about their party, AMAL Movement, having arms?

What irritates me is how Oppositon media (, Manar TV, and NBN) say their party militants as "Elements" (3anasser in Arabic), while the Government as Militias. They are both militias.

The government didnt comment about their own arms, even though no match in number or their use in experience, at least one comment is needed.



Angry Anarchist said...

Well I think what they mean is that Arabiya is inciting sectarian agitation, which is what Israel would love to do, obviously... I agree that NBN is sectarian, but you just don't see the same type of sectarianism and viciousness that is being aired on Arabiya. I hate NBN, but I have to agree with NBN's diagnosis....

MarxistFromLebanon said...

but AA ,
they are doing the same thing from the other side

what about coming back to the blogosphere :)