Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mafias and Militia Idiots

The events of today show much each and every political party is organized for war. The realist perspective would be the Security dilemma: "hey they got arms, so I will have arms as well even though I am a lover of peace!" A Small Question though, if you take the collective number of the people on the streets, it tells you that the majority of the proletariat in Lebanon do not war, and only those pathetic rug rats wants to go to war.

Whatever a demand we have, now it is 100% closed to do a progressive one because It will be tagged as messed up 14th of March or lunatic Opposition (and my middle finger is dedicated to both parties as a matter of fact!!!). Excuse me if you are party affiliated and got affended in Lebanon, but heck, it is your fault for following blindly these disgusting repulsive coalitions!!!

What started today as a general strike taught us an important lesson: even though the general syndicate union demanded a demonstration today, it shook the government by simply demanding an offer and got the Ministers awake till four oclock in the morning yesterday. Now the important lesson is that a workers' demands can shake the government (a lesson to the leftists in Lebanon, specially those idiots in the neo-conic Democratic Left and the outdated Stalinist Lebanese Communist Party. Now, it is worth to mention that the syndicate movement (general one) is a fake one and a workers' movement; however, the notion itself shook the government. Someone might argue that the government was afraid that what happened today attempted to avoid it, well not necessarily. Those demands shook the government, not sufficiently because all of these movements are a hoax time wasting organization, but if they were really a workers' movement, they would have annihilated the government and obliterated the Opposition (yes, that includes Hezbollah and its 30,000 merry missiles).

Now thinking from a 14th of March logic, the leaders are having a feast. The past two weeks all types of reports came out that a nice profitable summer is coming about, and that is the Opposition's new war coming out. Now, more importantly the Government warned that the opposition will attempt a Coup, and now it fell in their eyes with all the sudden trucks pouring sand. Of course, our friends AMAL movement they are always loaded with arms and ready, like the Orcs, to wage any form of a shoot-out war.

What was supposed today to be a demonstration was hi-jacked by the Opposition. The Syndicate attempting to sound like the opposition, realized that it was too big on them, announced that they will cut the demonstration short till further noticed and briefly blamed the government instead of the government/opposition. Despite the fact the strike was canceled at 10:45 in the morning, opposition militias carried on their work while they were countered by government militias, first exchanging rocks, then Molotov cocktails, then bullets, then rpgs (at a one point).

Now why the heck the Opposition carried on the ground, to be specific the Shiite based parties. AMAL movement were active on the soft spots, usually should be symbolizing co-existence in terms of peace but now war zones while Hezbollah adopted the collisions politically? What sprang Hezbollah into such action? We just came out from a political campaign about Hezbollah having their own monitoring process of the airport and the kidnapping of an international diplomat "Socialist'' (one of them neo-cons) at their districts. The syndicate canceled, while the opposition in a planned manner carried on, and the government ground forces carried on in "repelling" the Iranian invasion.

What happened today, specially with the expulsion of the Future and PSP parties (both 14th of March) should the quasi ethnic dimension of drawing lines and kicking the outsider. Clearly, I cannot see the logic of closing the airport if people "want to protect the resistance). The others in Bekaa valley, the government forces closed roads leading to Shiite areas. The Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces officially defended their allies in each coalition.

Damn them all!
May they all rust in hell


Renegade Eye said...

Really good post.

Your old battle cry of, "The Only War is Class War," needs being reminded of to people.

Lalebanessa said...

"I cannot see the logic of closing the airport"

ya MFL, ba3dna 3am-nfattish 3al logic in any of this?

I feel sorry for the union, things are so politicized right now that a legitimate right to protest for raising minimum wage only means
---> support for hizballah (since anything anti-government is pro-hizballah)

Unfrotunately for the Union, Hizballah also thinks this is the case and decided to take over their demonstration completely, and kick them out of their own protest.

As for the goons from both sides, these are the kinds of men who sustain a civil war. Allah ysa3idna ya MFL, because as always the part of the population that doesn't have anything to do with goons and guns (yes there are some of us left in this country) alwyas ends up suffering the most by their hands.

Liliane said...

I couldn't agree more. IN a while, Nasrallah will be giving a press conference? I can only see bad things coming from it.

Anonymous said...

It’s impossible to have any workers movement in such a context. And what workers movement are we talking about? It has been systematically dismantled for the past 3 decades. What’s left of it is being exploited by the opposition which proved yesterday to be the 1rst enemy of the workers (how quickly it replaced salary raises demands with just protests against the sacking of Gnl. Shoucair!).
I agree with you, the opposition is no better than the government. Not only are they both preventing the formation of a real workers movement, but they are blocking the way for any possible social demand. (of course the problem is not just in politicians, it’s also in the workers themselves and the Lebanese society in general).
Fa ma l 3amal izan? :)