Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Quote From a Future Movement member

Well if the opposition thinks the rift is closed with the logic of "freeing the Sunnis from the Future Movement", that is one scary reply quote I got: "Let them see who will open their homes when Israel hits them again"

Will this be the new retaliation form of sectarianism? What about the business technocrats? Will they seperate according to region?


Renegade Eye said...

It couldn't be stupider.

Hezbollah is walking into the scenario the US desires. A sectarian civil war, is a gift to Israel and the US.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

it is renegade, but again, renegade, most of the opposition militants think they just crushed Israeli puppets. The Government believe that it is iran which is seizing Beirut, and people are worried that the next fronts would be East Beirut and Mt. Lebanon.

According to my experience, war is a profit business for all foreign clients.

ayla said...

I would add that it is a profit business for foreign clients and the leaders of the 'movements' (read: militias). Otherwise, I cannot understand how all party leaders in Lebanon can be so short-sighted and such traitors to the people by allowing themselves to be used in a proxy war like this. What shame!

Voltaire said...

I think this concept of a proxy war is only half true. However, it is interesting that despite the 'progressive' outlook that everyone pretends to have on this blog site, whenever talk of proxy imperialist wars comes to the surface, it is always a mention about the US/Israeli fact, whereas any reference to the Hizbo/Iran axis is presented as a dubious theory by those who are not trust worthy, as is seen in MFL's statements:
"The Government believe that it is iran which is seizing Beirut".

The irony in this blog site is that it had a promising statement of how the current leftist movements in Lebanon needed to be thrown in the recycling bin, but it proved to be another dated text book of the old left that also needs to be thrown in to the recycling bin.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

and where did you read I said "government is US" or "opposition is Iranian" , sorry Voltaire but you are not living up to the name of the philosopher you carry his name. I attack both equally... so read again instead of looking for bits, and if you complete the sentence you quoted, you would read also and elsewhere "and vice versa: USA & Israel" ... dont pass judgements if you dont want to listen to other ideas... be a real voltaire for once, like my comrade blogger Voltaire's Priest