Sunday, October 15, 2006

UNIFIL in Gemayzi

Well, after the war was over, it has been afterwards a total of almost 3 monthes and a half since I last went down to Gemayzi. I went down yesterday with a group of friends and headed to my favorite pub. For those who do not know what is Gemayzi street, it is the a Pub concentrated street. When I entered my pub, I saw a comrade (has common projects with UN) and the next thing I see 5 Italian soldiers of UNIFIL (in civilian clothes) with her group (the UN groupies).

The Italianos were partying, as always. For me and the comrades, we entered a dilemna, should we say hello to them and sit on the table? The place was already packed, we decided to check the zillion pubs in that area. Wherever I went, the places were packed (like any other Saturday night) but only difference is people in them were talking broken English... wherever I went, there were Foreigners, and to be exact UN and UNIFIL staff while we (who lived the war) couldn't find a good place.We decided to go back to our favorite hangout, and the place was cramped. The Italianos (having similar cultures in terms of partying like the Lebanese) invite us to sit with their group. Next to us were another group, and were talking in the loudest manner, I presumed they were German. O well, whatever, we stood for a while and talked with my friends who I bumped into over there.

Me and the comrades had a tiny circle and thought if we should spit in the faces of UNIFIL for being an imperialist tool for the United States, and being slackeys in face of Israel, or not. The Italianos whenever came us (since their table is next to the bar) would give us cheers, we didn't order yet, still talking about them. Whatever we said, they replied "Ya Ahlan" or "Shukran" (translation: means you're welcome and thank you). Seems UNIFIL command had been working on them already to teach them Arabic words to integrate them in the cultural society of the South. Funny thing, the people of the South will not forget how the French UNIFIL refuted to welcome the Marwaheen Refugees after Israel gave them one hour to evacuate. Well in a nutshell the Marwaheen incident ended up as the first major massacre during this war with the Zionist racists.

The Dilemna

We chatted, me and my friend, we wondered are these soldiers to be hated or are they Proletariat? Marx would say that the army is a slaughter-house, but Trotsky argued that the soldiers have relatives as well and can be emancipated by inviting them to rebel against their commanding officers. The remarkable case of the battle ship Potemkin was a clear phenomena that it can be achieved, during the 1905 insurrection headed by a 26 year old Trotsky.

Yet, before we switch locations to another area (I insisted that I want to have Vodka yesterday) I told one of them: "Welcome to Lebanon..." He shook his head with a smile and said "Shukran", (I noticed the Italianos were speaking Italian with each other despite the fact that plenty on the table didn't understand a word in Italiano), so I repeat what I say: "Welcome to Lebanon... Hope you will enjoy it as much as you can ... (then I remember how the UN is doing zilch for the Lebanese and Palestinians as well as the Iraqis) I go Enjoy it as much as you can, coze you will need that for the future!"

My friend thought it was a threat, for me it wasn't. I was just saying that because in case anything happens wrong, these guys would be second to be bombed into kingdom by the IDF. Ironically all UN's martyres in Lebanon were killed by Israel.

One thing for sure, if all these soldiers were in Gemayzi, then I am sure that night Hezbollah could even smuggle tanks on the borders. BTW, I also discovered that a UNIFIL soldier in Lebanon is being paid 10,000 Euro Dollars per month.

UNIFIL----) Boast to Lebanon's GDP?

Now a stupid official declared couple of days ago that perhaps UNIFIL is not able to protect the Lebanese (specially the Israeli Air Force on daily basis breaches Lebanon's Arial borders and tours on the South...something CNN keeps failing), the UNIFIL are not really triggering a monetary multiplier since they go to places owned by bourgeoisie in general. We are still not aware what are the new codes spoken out to handle people in Lebanon, but definitely they wouldn't handle IDF forces, which means they are one-sided in protecting Israel. The German battleships were sent by Germany to assist "Israel" to protect itself.

Later on

Two tiny bombs exploded next to Down Town (another centre for Pubs) which means someone is targeting Lebann's economy and would not like to see Lebanon's economy flourishing in any single dimension. The future of this forsaken country is heading to a dark path, the Proletariat got one choice which is to unify against the Elites of all nationalities, whether Lebanese, Syrian, US, UK, Saudi, all are just seeking to maximize their profits.



Angry Anarchist said...


I was actually going to post on my blog about the UNIFIL and their "job" here in Lebanon last week. I actually met more than a dozen French UNIFIL soldiers; they were going around City Mall at around 3-4 pm in their uniforms. Some were accompanied by Lebanese women ("dates"?). So instead of shooting down Israeli jets they are clubbing and shopping. *rolls eyes*

Btw, are you watching Al-Manar? :-P

GraemeAnfinson said...

"Elites of all nationalities, whether Lebanese, Syrian, US, UK, Saudi, all are just seeking to maximize their profits."

Yep. Doesn't matter where you go, they are all the same

Puppeteer said...

A Syrian commander said as we witdrew from Lebanon last year: Lebanon is out of our concern, it's Saudi soil now...
So... Long live Aal Saud and their salafite haeven!

Nicole Mitri said...

I was thinking from the beginning that all this multifaces war is against Lebanon. The problem is that some lebanese, maybe plenty of them, are part of what i called a major "conspiracy"?!

LeftyHenry said...

Here in the US, sporatic articles come out wich claim UNIFIL isn't doing shit.

About the soldiers being proletariat, most of them probably are. The military today in every country has it's upsides if you don't get your head blown off, they'll pay for college and it looks good when you apply for a job it's like a way out for the countries most exploited (irony)...

Behemoth101 said...

UGH! This is so typical of Zino-fascists trying to rationalize what they did in their War of Agression on Lebanon. They always pretend like the aid services act as some kind of abstract (unproven) economic booster - "they're getting charity donations from abroad - see we didn't hurt them that badly"

You're right. There is no money multiplier that comes from basic aid. Only when banks are tied into the process a la Marshall Plan is there any significant improvement.