Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Israeli planes above Beirut

I woke up 30 minutes ago, and I heard a familiar sound, the sound of Israeli fighters flying over Beirut, something I heard very faint on friday. The IAF planes have been flying for the past 30 minutes (well at least ever since I woke up) on a very extensive manner. They are not just "passing", usually when they are just "passing" they tend to break the sonic boom not like this.

Now the TV puts that there have been heavy Israeli planes hovering from S. Lebanon to Beirut... interesting, more of those never ending breaches to UN 1701.

It is interesting to note that Israel on daily basis in 90s and till now have been doing so. If Lebanon had airplanes and traveled above Tel Aviv to "observe" and "monitor Tel Aviv to protect itself" we would enter another July war.

Thank you Bush & Blair, and thank you all countries for being silent...



furtherleft said...


This is to let you know I sent you an email yesterday to the address on your Blogger profile. Please contact me at the address on the Forum if there is any problem receiving it. You can delete this comment when noted.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

I replied :)

Angry Anarchist said...

Heeeeh, I was on the road when they flew over. For a split second I thought, maybe Siniora got us some F-16s... mmm!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

what Lebanese Army having New airplanes rather than those from WW2? Impossible :D

Angry Anarchist said...

haha... nope, those are the fishing boats left over from the French mandate... we have jets from the mandate era? a couple of paper (Alouette II & III) helicopters perhaps.

and maybe a chipmunk:


Angry Anarchist said...

but come to think of it, we do specialize in Inerga rockets... or so it goes... what is this, the 3rd inerga rocket? The latest was apparently today... impressive, eh?

A couple of inergas ==> cameras installed;
A couple of more inergas ==> cameras linked to the satellite?

Gee, can you guess who might be behind it?