Sunday, October 29, 2006

News of the Day on Israel, Lebanon, and Others


More reports, from the Investigative Committees regarding military blunders, on their side of the situation. For starters, the delay in transmitting information from one side to another revealed the incidents of two cases which could have saved the Israeli Defence Forces some casualties. On two seperate events, the bombing of the Israeli Ship on friday July 14th was anticipated but a miscommunication between the Intelligence command and the Naval command made the ship a sitting duck for missiles. The problem of the ship aggrevated when a technician officer did not report the malfunctioning of one of the defence systems which raises alarm and detects enemy missiles. This reflects the arrogance and self-confidence of the IDF which got them slapped in the face. They can no longer take their freedom on the Lebanese as they used to.

The second incident is the Dibl village (which lies on the border from Lebanon's side) encounter whereby 40 IDF soldiers were either killed or wounded when a missile was launched at the building they were settling in. Logistic reports arrived couple of minutes on a Hezbollah operation on that building. Another problem appeared as there was mis-coordination between the IDF regiments on where and how to invade the buildings of the village, and as such empty buildings were used to launch two missiles on the building barricaded by an IDF unit. Again, Intelligence and Northern Command clashed with each other as each blamed the other (this has been taking place ever since the war on Lebanon was over). (al-akhbar weekend issue )

Meanwhile more and more Israeli warcrimes are being committed on Palestinian civilians (just as the case since 1948). This is one tiny piece of daily massacres that are being covered by a huge US backed Media black-out regarding the Palestinian's side (much worse than the Lebanese side during the war.)


A conference was witnessed by the stalinist General Secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party, Khaled Hdaidi, who saluted the kidnapping of the two IDF soldiers and wished for more. In my opinion, Hdaidi is still trapped with the mix of Arab Nationalism a la Stalinism which haunted the LCP back in the late 1950s. The problem with Hdaidi that he stopped to view the war from a class struggle point of view. The whole Lebanon supported Hezbollah when the war broke and Israel started to bomb the hell out of Lebanon rather resort to diplomacy, but again to say one is a Communist but fly be absorbed into 8th of March block is a disastor. A Communist in defecto should face all bourgeoisie powers (unless a person is like the Neo-Cons Democratic Leftist Movemen). Yet, at least he sent some critiques to both 8th and 14th of March, and stressed that his party is neither 8th nor 14th of March (even though his logos traditionally are 8th of March). He raised good points on Ahmad Fatfat and several ironies Lebanese politics is under-going through. The popular Ziad Rahbani was in it, who got the title of "The Child of Party". (NTV: October 29th, 2006)

Moving on, the Independent has issued an article about samples taken from pits caused by Israeli bombs to contain active Uranium radioactivity. This would mean that Israel was using worse weaponry than what it has confessed to use: Phosphoric Bombs. The British experts said that the temperature of the bomb arrived up to 108 Degees (C). This is expected to be either an Israeli secret weapon or experimental weapon, and in both cases a banned weapon. The United Nations will confirm the British allegations by mid-November if there was usage of Uranium, and this will be another added record to Israel's long long list of war crimes. (Annahar 29th October, 2006)


Levni decided not to go to the Doha Conference regarding democracies since the democraticly elected Hammas will be there.

Qatar on the other hand have been really killing themselves to top donations to Lebanon as well spearhead politically the "assistence" to Lebanon specially since it was known that the bunker busters and laser guided missiles from the US army passed through its land. Now they have no problem to welcome Levni just as the al-Thani dynasty is just another US puppy tool to suit the US administration's foreign policies.

UNIFIL & Israel

Already UNIFIL commander has commented that Israeli breaches of Lebanese Arial Soverneignty and others is triggering problems.

In the beginning of UNIFIL's arrival, there was a minor incident between the French and Israel. The titles of 14th of March newspapers said there was a showdown between the French and the IDF. Ironically the Showdown included pics of soldiers shaking hands and laughing.

Two weeks ago when it rained, the Spanish had an encounter against IDF arrogance when the Spaniards intervened in the face of IDF threat to the Lebanese Army (because the Lebanese Army was building sand walls to block a last minute constructed gigantic pipe directed from Israel to flood a Lebanese village during heavy rain). Actually, the Spaniards UNIFIL assisted the Lebanese Army.

The French afterwards directed their Anti-Air weaponry to Israel (without shooting) to send a message to Tel-Aviv to stop breaching UN 1701 by traveling above Lebanese skies. This created a crisis between Paris and Tel Aviv.

Now, Angela Merkel who clearly announced that they sent the German Naval power to assist Israel "to protect" itself had her troops going head to head with the Israelis. This time, things reached escalating moments. The IDF had earlier fighters flying over a German UNIFIL scouting boat which caused the boat crew to shoot (safely) in the open air to drive away the Israeli war planes. Later, the German Helicopters were flying above the Lebanese coast line (to assist Israel in "defending itself" by making sure no weaponry is being smuggled via the sea to Hezbollah which is ironic because Nasrallah and Lebanese Customs both made it clear that no smuggling takes place via the sea) when the German Helicopters' sensors detected laser missile locks from IAF (Israeli Air Force) planes. The IAF planes, however, did not shoot. It is funny that the UNIFIL troups that were sent to protect Israel ended up disgusted by its acts. (Annahar Newspaper: October 29th, 2006).

Some may say that this is a conspiracy act. between the UNIFIL and IDF to support the Seniora government since they were the ones to welcome the UNIFIL with open arms; however, these incidents are not new (for the record). Not one UNIFIL command came without being disgusted with the IDF. In the past during the Lebanese Civil War, it is ironic that the PLO protected and Junblatt's Durzi Progressive Socialist Party protected the US embassy till the New Jersey Battleship bombed locations in Lebanon (while PLO and the Shiite based AMAL movement assisting in safe-guarding UNIFIL plus offered other services). (US Marines in Lebanon 1982 - 1984)

When the Multi-National Forces were in Lebanon, the US diplomat in two seperate occassions gave the US marines the command "shoot to kill" in defence or to apply international agreements by force against the Israelis. The IDF also during their invasion of Lebanon back in the early 1980s kidnapped the US diplomat (Phil Habbib) as well as had close fist-to-fist hand combat between the Marines and IDF because the IDF kept spitting on the US flag and the symbols of the Marines. Morris Draper, Phil Habib's assistent, reported also that couple of IDF soldiers raised their guns on his head when they were doing a siege to the Sabra and Shatila camps when Elie Hobeika's special unit (of the Lebanese Forces) entered the camps to brutaly kill over 3000 Palestinian while Hobeika was sitting in IDF tents getting Arial photos to guide his troops through IDF weapons while IDF soldiers patted on his back with a thumbs up (Roy Boykin: Cursed is the Peace Maker).

This is to reflect that the IDF and its racist "superior" Zionist command have triggered hatred from the participants whoever in the field interacted with the IDF. Now the German Minister of Defense is going to meet with Peretz to smooth things down or else the German Government would suffer indirectly the wrath of the US administration.

For me , I still say there is no war but class war & whatever happens my goals are the same as all the comrades around the world: Unity of the Proletariat despite race, gender, tendency, color, nationality and religion.



Pocho said...

Sounds like a lauditory goal to me, lacking but just one thing. A goal to which I suscribe is that embedded in the purpose of our Forum. "...encouraging support for oppressed people striking at causes of concerns as they see fit." It is those final words they see fit. that seem to me the most important. They are the ones so often lost in the suffle of goals among those who would have how others go about accomplishing what we say we want.

politiques USA said...

Nice blog. We'll see what happens, it is not over until it is completely over anyway.

Angry Anarchist said...

heeeeh, i would not believe the so-called rift between UNIFIL & israel, it's all for show and giving the image that unifil is defending lebanon. ;)

politiques USA said...

كيف يكون أنت تسدي أخي ؟

Revolutionary Blogger said...

Sadly the whole UNIFIL vs Israel thing is a mere charade. The Germans nor the French have the guts to challenge the IDF in any significant manner. Whats the use of all those anti-aircraft missiles French troops brought in if they are going to sit and rust.

The IDF knows this and would love for the Germans to fire a single shot at an Israeli plane. Oh The tragic comedy that is UNIFIL.

Renegade Eye said...

Very interesting post.

The strife between the IDF and UNIFIL looks to be on the level of bickering.

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MarxistFromLebanon said...

Technically Renegade, I tend to agree with the others that it is till now just an act, even though it is a wishful thinking that they would go head to head.

As for the examples I gave during the Civil War, I am convinced they are real as they are taken from the journals of Phil. Habib.

THanx for the advice...

politiques USA said...

Marxist from Lebanon, check this out:

She is funny.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I checked it out, very interesting ;)