Monday, October 23, 2006

Israel still insists that they only bombed Hezbollah

It is sad and hilarious that this racist army still wants to convince the world that they only bombed Hezbollah, probably this picture alone would reflect a residential area bombed (with citizens in it). Any idiot who wants to argue that Israel only bombed Hezbollah (with over 1200 killed 2/3 women and children) can just go shoot themselves in the head for being idiots and not objective (more than that: inhuman)

Pic. From Reuters



Benjamin FX said...

It's sad & hilarious how you refuse to face the most basic fact: As you know, Hizbollah's strategy is to place their weapons in residential homes and hospitals. They force Lebanese civilians to "host" these weapons. Hizbollah's WANTS Israel to bomb these residential areas, in order to create more hatred against Israel.

Anonymous said...

Really, small glitch about that false info, that Israel bombed refugee buses raising white flags, bombed churches and mosques, bombed the RED CROSS and UN, bombed hospitals, you also want to tell me Hezbollah are hiding in all those places? What about the Marwahee convoy in the open air? This myth that Israel was bombing Residents because Hezobllah is a lie. The only places Hezbollah were present were in the battle fields... so wake up buddy and start demanding that Israel be sent to the Supreme International Court, specialy they admitted that they used phosphoric bombs on civilians... or that is justified as well??? hmmmmmmm?

Damned Neo-Cons & Zionists


Anonymous said...

hoo...we are not objective?
I think that you the one who should shoot in his head 'cause you are the idiot are still insist that hezbolla are just peace group that only want to free samir kuntar the killer...yhe...and shoot on israeli cevilians, and snatch soldiers, and hide in fucking hospital wepons...(yes the IDF picture this, you can see this in youtube if you want).
do you realy think that israel wanted to kill the Lebaneses cevilians? why should they want this? leave this that is unhuman and against the IDF rules...leave this...
the world hate israel enough, do you think they need more hate?
if israel realy want to kill lebaneses cevilians they would succeed in one are the one who not objective and you are the one who dosen't look on this in rational view.
why israel warned you when they bomb? if they want to kill you?
why won't they bombed all the city with one plane? do you understand what are you saying?
you call them racist but why?
'cause someone shoot on them they attack him?
I realy want to beleive that you are not representing all lebanon.
have a nice day and think before you write stupid things...'cause I know that you write from your feels and not from your mind.

hillz said...

"GOD" be with u..

Anonymous said...

if someone has diffrent opinion then your so he is scum?
or stupid?
there is a lot of people who agree with israel and they are very smart and good people.
the israeli are very smart infact..

Duende Rojo (Perú) said...

La respuesta del ejercito israelí fué desproporcionada y criminal en algunos casos, no hay duda de eso.
Pero tanbién es verdad que Hezbollah utilizó areas civiles como plataforma de lanzamientos de cohetes. Existen imágenes de ello.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Well, well

next thing they will tell me that Israel always existed rather than expelling the Palestinians.

Yes, Israeli Zionist government sure needs so, as all governments that need to be thrown in the locker for violations. Stop mixing up between hatred to the jews and Zionist racism. If anything, you are justifying the death of 1200 civilians and say it is ok, afterall poor Israel... I do not know who is worst the Nazis or the Zionists, both racists.

At least Hezbollah didn't kill civilians like the Israelis did or use phosphoric bombs which Israel admited two days ago, or of course that is justified.

As Israel's first president said: "PAlestine is as Jewish just as England is English, prior to 1920, only 5% were jews think about that, and they were living in Harmony with the Christians and Muslims of that area. What do you expect of a nation that was built on racism and expelling a whole race (come to think of it, at least this one can be considered a real holocaust.

PS: what about all those attrocities smarty neo-cons, all justified, the targets I named in my first reply. Down with Racism.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

taken from green left

PALESTINE: Israeli academic condemns ethnic cleansing

Israel’s war on Gaza, its continued colonisation of the West Bank, and its construction of the apartheid wall represent the third wave of ethnic cleansing in Palestine since the establishment of Zionist state, Israeli academic Tanya Reinhart told 250-strong meeting in Melbourne on October 12.

The first wave of ethnic cleansing was what Israel called its “war of independence” and Palestinians called al-Naqba (the catastrophe), explained Reinhart, who is professor emeritus of linguistics and media studies at Tel Aviv University. The second naqba followed the Israeli conquest of the West Bank and Gaza in the war of 1967.

Reinhart told the meeting, which was organised by Women for Palestine, that the third naqba, which is happening today, is “a massive project of ethnic cleansing but one which was not being reported by the Western media”.

The resistance of the Palestinians and global solidarity movements meant that the ethnic cleansing would not follow the historical pattern of Palestinians being driven across the border. Rather, there is an “unparalleled” process in which 400,000 Palestinians are being confined to a network of open air prisons divided by checkpoints, bypass roads, ever expanding Israeli settlements and the tortuous route of the apartheid wall.

Deprived of land or means of commerce, the Palestinian population is being made dependent for subsistence on the good will of the Israeli rulers, who control all access between the Palestinian enclaves and the outside world as well as between the enclaves.

Reinhart said that, following the January 2006 election victory of Hamas, Israel stepped up the killing of Palestinians, by direct warfare in Gaza and through the “starvation blockade” imposed on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with the full cooperation of the West.

The purpose of this, she said, was not to target Hamas but to convince the Palestinian people that the only way they could remain in Palestine was by accepting their status as prisoners. She described this as a policy of as ethnic cleansing because it denied the Palestinian nation of its right to its own independent economic life.

She dismissed what she called the West's “three conditions to be met before Palestinians could eat again”. Two of the conditions — renouncing violence and recognising Israel had already been met by Hamas, which had declared a unilateral ceasefire a year before winning the elections and, in 1998, proposed a two-state solution as a basis for negotiations.

Israel, on the other hand, had not only intensified its violence against the Palestinians but “refused to recognise Palestinians' right to exist”, Reinhart explained.

The third condition, abiding by previous agreements, is an impossible demand for the Palestinians to meet while Israel refuses to abide by its side of these agreements.

The building of the apartheid wall, the expansion of the settlements and bypass routes and the de facto annexation of 40% of the West Bank by Israel were contrary to the 1993 Oslo accords, Reinhart explained.

Hamas had warned since the Oslo accords that part of the Israeli strategy was not to recognise any elected Palestinian leadership as a negotiating partner while simultaneously trying to provoke fighting between different Palestinian factions. The blockade, which prevents payment of Palestinian public sector salaries, is partly aimed at provoking a coup against the Hamas-led government by sections of the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatus.

Reinhart said that Israel had suffered a significant defeat in its July-August war against Lebanon. Not only had Hezbollah militarily prevented Israel's attempt to reoccupy Lebanon south of the Litani River (and destroyed the myth of Israeli military invincibility in the process), the sheer scale of the Zionist state's brutality had turned international public opinion against Israel.

Reinhart said that a majority of Israelis now support dismantling the settlements in the West Bank and withdrawing to the pre-1967 borders. Because of this, all the mainstream Israeli parties lied to the Israeli people by claiming they supported withdrawal from the Occupied Palestinian Territories during elections then blaming their policy reversals on the need to win the parliamentary votes of small extreme right-wing settler and religious parties.

Leyal Aksu reports that 200 people attended a public meeting addressed by Reinhart in Canberra on October 11. Reinhart stressed that the struggle for Palestinian liberation is not just a local struggle but an international one. “The world needs to realise that Israel’s policies are a threat to world peace and security”, she said, adding that the Palestinian people’s determination to struggle and resist kept the spirit to achieve world peace and justice alive.

From Green Left Weekly, October 18, 2006.
Visit the Green Left Weekly home page.

Taken From Green Left

BenjaminFX said...

Before Israel, the area was desert and swamp. Now it is farms and more. In last 60 years Jews changed desert into a strong country. In same time Iran went backwards and most Arab countries are standing still.

To distract their people, the Arab leaders fill them with Jew-hate. They copy cartoons from Nazis Germany and demonize the Jews.

Renegade Eye said...

It is the nature of a guerilla group, to mix with civilians. Should Hezbollah stand in the desert, wearing targets on their back?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

"Before Israel, the area was desert and swamp. Now it is farms and more. In last 60 years Jews changed desert into a strong country. In same time Iran went backwards and most Arab countries are standing still."

That is the biggest lie,then tell me how the heck over 800,000 where kicked out of their houses in 1948, and tell me something else how come the brits noted that it was not empty as the Zionists said by 1923? hmmmmmmmm....... its people are dogs? so tell me again who is the racist? Again, you seem to fall by the trap of myths and superiority complexes. Palestine was never empty, nor greener than it was in 1920... so again check other sources rather CNN or Zionist references.

The Arab leaders tell us there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism. Zionism is a racist nationalistic movement that accepts to Arab as its equal, as they did in 1950 when they reduced the Palestinians class B citizens and took away their land because they labeled them as absents (including the ones remaining). Zionism = Racism. You seriously can't disregard all those facts rather like a parrot repeating what you hear?

Again, u didn't reply, what about the 1200 killed in Lebanon? What about both Qana's? What about the over 12,000 killed back in 1982? What about the daily attrocities about the kids in Palestine or daily breaches in Lebanon? Still want to answer me from a point that Israel has the right to because they are "superior" or "Western", if so you are no different than Hitler.


Puppeteer said...

Palestine was the richest part of Syria Magna, before WWI and between the wars. People from all over the region, or Belad e-Sham, used to go there for work like they do today in the Emirates, and got payed good money for their sweat.
Iraq for instance, has more Hebrew history and culture, it was there that the Talmud was written, in Abbasite Bagdad the Mizrahis flourished and raised a great culture and wealth. Even the name "Hebrew" comes from "Ibri", or "those who crossed the river", pointing to the first Hebrew exodus from Babylon. Now, why didn't the Zionists choose Iraq, long ago colapsed into ruins at the hands of houndreds nomad tribes, and chose rich, flourishing, green Palestine?
I bet that if word was out that Iraq held petrolium, history would have differed...

Anonymous said...

At least Hezbollah didn't kill civilians like the Israelis did or use phosphoric bombs which Israel admited two days ago, or of course that is justified.

for this line I consider you to fucking facist...and we are nazis?
yhe right....
I wish that someone you know will die and than you know what your post fucking idiot.

Dave Marlow said...

MFL, I definitely acknowledge that Israel did a lot of things horribly wrong that pertain to the invasion but I'm just curious; do you think they (the Israeli army) bombed Lebanon on purpose (to kill Lebanese civilians) or that they were just caught in the crossfire? Obviously with the kind of news we get here in the States, your opinion is a lot more educated.

GraemeAnfinson said...

It is irrelevant if Israel wants to kill civilians or if Hezbollah hides among civilians, because Israel has shown time and time again that it will attack civilians.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, we warned you...we send you notes from the air to leave, even when we knew that hezbolla read this notes and leave also.
we risk our soldier in the south village, insted of bombing them from the air.
and if you say that hezbolla hasn't hide in cevilians, how do you explain that IDF picture a lot of hezbolla cars that after they bombed they entered to cevilians houses (even in qana).
or you try to argue with picture now, we are not fake pictures like you do...
how do you explain that in the hospital in "baal beck" we found israel I don't see wepons in hospitals...
you are liers...its no wonder then you are in 107 place in the free press, and israel in the 50 place.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

dear comrade Dave, check the day by day section on

they bombed even the Lebanese Army on purpose and a purpose funeral march that was going on to bury their beloved ones

Anonymous said...

this was mistakes...why should we bombed you, we have nothing against you...but this is what happen in wars.
in the second world war 1 million german cevilians were killed, this is what happen in wars.

on the lebanon army, all I need to say its that they send radar datas to hezbolla...

the U.N was a mistake...what do you realy think that we want war with the U.N.? are we so stupid?

I said this and I will say this again.
israel army has rules not to hurt in cevilians, if they wanted to hurt in cevilians they were killed 10,000 and not 1000.

take responsibility on your country and this will not going to happen again.
we don't want to hurt you, we want peace with you, realy,and this is not some propaganda.

Love Thy Neighbor said...

it's an old Arab trick to compare Israel to Nazis (except for the Arabs who argue that the Nazis did not kill Jews).

it's to detract people from noticing that:
- during WW2, Arabs were in fact allies of Nazis, and supported their Jew killing ideology (BEFORE Israel existed)

- after WW2, Arab nations hosted escaped Nazi War criminals, and used Nazi scientists for research

Puppeteer said...

During WW2 we were French/English colonies. Except for Lybia, who was under the Italians.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Fact, Israel killed more civilians than others and triggered terrorism and uses prohibited banned weaponry. Live with it, as for those who consider the warning of fliers, check Regarding Israeli Fliers on my block or the Samidoun website

MarxistFromLebanon said...

"we want peace with you, realy,and this is not some propaganda. "

This is the biggest bullshit for if you really wanted peace you wouldn't have invaded Lebanon 6 times (ok?)

as well as you would have resorted to diplomacy and negotiations rather bomb the crap out of Lebanese.

As well as you wouldn't fired 1.2 clustered bombs (that are still laying there and killing Lebanese civilians) specially 90% of these cluster bombs were fired (according to the UN since we are called bullshitters) the last three days of the war.

So stop this peace process and start questioning your own government.

GraemeAnfinson said...

I believe the 13th Waffen Division made up of Bosnian Muslims, among others, was the first, and if memory serves me correct, only SS unit to conduct a mutiny against the Nazis