Saturday, October 28, 2006

Looking at Reality

Yesterday, I was at a wedding. A very good friend of mine was getting married and we were happy for him and his lovely wife. It was a great event. The prayers ceremony and rituals at St. Nicholas Church were wonderful just as a smile on my friend was great. The priest made the ritual quick and hence there were several moments to congratulate the couple inside the Church and outside. Afterwards, we proceeded to the cocktail (technically drinking like no tomorrow while dancing as our two friends entered the golden cage). For me, it is supposed to be a perfect night where we went from Church to the Party as everyone was partying. Yet, was it a perfect night? As a Marxist, I couldn't be happy as those details pop up right in front my eyes, this is to reflect how ruthless the Capitalist System is and going through Spencer's Social Darwinism, which is a ruthless ideology, I think it is more alive than ever.

Everyone came out of the Church with his fancy suit or her elegant attractive dress, and all attempting to look at her or his finnest moment. A begger on a wheel chair was sitting and begging loudly. He kept saying prayers, but no one listened. Actually, everyone rushed when they passed next to him in the hope that this realistic individual would disappear from a pretty picture.

Sadly, this scenario takes place every where and every time. People would just run away from reality. The system (as well as previous ones) wipes out the means to push hunger away. The traditional Stalinist parties forgotten that (well and some lefty reactionary movements) the enemy is are those elites who manipulate global wealth to maximize their profits while starving the world. Everywhere class inequality is increasing while several activists just live in a world outside this planet and several "activists" are just greedy for a chair in the Parliament or Union place which lost its real role. Reformists' policies are becoming Right-winger as time passes.

Can you look at the reality straight in the eyes without walking away and thinking it will just disappear, just as Spencer wanted (and got)?



Angry Anarchist said...

The problem is the lack of extremist Marxists (to the bone). This is something us anarchists don't have a problem with. :-D

mullet said...

yes mfl...what is worse? that the 'hobo problem' exists, or that we so easily sweep it under the carpet