Friday, October 27, 2006

Cartoons on US foreign policy

First ponders (Top), even though I do not know the political inclininations of its cartoonist, but I think it is a stroke of genius on how the US administration gambles on Arab bourgeoisie greed.Middle Picture ponders upon US foreign policy to the Middle East and the Road Map. Picture on the Bottom depicts Sharon saying: "I have the honor to raise the banner of Democracy in the Greater Middle East."

(More Pics coming your way)



Renegade Eye said...

Good cartoons, really funny.

Duende Rojo (Perú) said...

Hello, amigo. I am peruvian.
a) I do not want to bother you...but in your view ¿Does Israel have a right to exist?
b)The US administration gambles on peruvian bourgeoisie greed too (gold, silver, etc)
Bye, amigo

mullet said...

although i don't contribute in the way of debate, i love your blog - can i link to it?

Revolutionary Blogger said...

Same here, can I add you to my blogroll?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Comrades, I am really honored, I will do the same :)

As for our blogger friend from Peru, for me the right for existence is a controversial issue. I remember we did a workshop about this issue (bunch of marxists) in the year 2000. In the end, we believed that in the long run people are people where ever you would go.

The problem of Israel is that they kicked outside a whole people to forge a Pure Jewish nation. Ben Gurion in 1948 announced that Palestine ought to be 100% Jewish while it is no concern what would happen to the Palestinians (Benny Morris: Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem). The people of that land have the right to return, and their return was and still blocked. Actually, the only time Israel would be accepted is when it becomes Secular rather racist (100% Jewish with Zionist policies).

Moving on, Israel is the result of a 19th Century colonialist movement (Zionism, check Edward Said). Currently, Israel is a proxy tool of US imperialism while Palestinians are still being killed and the media covers it up. Currently, Israel has to right to exist till the Palestinians are allowed to return home as equal to everyone (after all they are humans).

As for the USA, Chomsky considered that the US is the number 1 terrorist nation due to its support of all the oppressive regimes to maintain its control over the world (well at least undisputed). THe Media pitches in to cover up this act in name of "democracy". The USA has been abusing Latin America taking its raw materials and natural resources (not to forget Puppy Regimes and Privatisations) then manufactures its resources in some assembly lines in the far east and sells it back to the Latins.

These two points mentioned actually need to be dwelled more, sadly, pro-Neo-Cons would enter the debate to ruin it with their Western "Superiority" attitudes (check my earlier posts).


Khawwta said...
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Khawwta said...

"I have the honor..." !!!! I strongly doubt...