Monday, October 30, 2006

Cartoons On UN's role within the Middle East

The First picture reflects the situation of the Arabs where no one listens to them. "An Israeli occupation tank destroying the Rafah refugee camp while speakers in Arab and Muslim government officials express their condemnation, which does nothing to stop the Zionist Israeli madness." (Link)
Second Picture reflects Bush's willing to go on a cowboy from hell as to refuting to listen to the truth, and just go with what suits him (and allies) most rather than be objective, and hence the UN just stands watching. (link).

The fifth picture has an Arab from the gulf reading what is written on the UN building (Security Council) and adds (Security of Israel of course). In Arabic, the word Council comes first and Security Second, so it makes more sense to add Security of Israel, of course! (Link) Above the UN written: Case of the Israeli War within the Security Council.

Just a word, I do not agree with the sources' overall affiliations nor I know what the cartoonists thought, I simply chose them to interpret them my way and on that basis I chose them. (well accept the cartoon from al-Jazeera).



mullet said...

you will not get much sense out of me, other thatn that they can go and fuck themselves

clash said...

Funny.. but grave.. Thanks for visiting my blog and adding the link in yours. It has been a long search in the blogdom to find like minded people; the search was worth it. :)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

why mullet, what romantic words you say in my blog ^^,

welcome Clash, great blog man