Friday, October 13, 2006

The UK in its most objective fashion

(MFL notes: the UK couldn't have been more objective than that regarding the war... the Proletariat in Lebanon are so 'lucky' to have the UK as a super power...not!! link)

UK criticised over omitting Lebanon

Rights groups have criticised the UK after it published a report in which it condemned Hezbollah attacks on Israel, but did not mention Israel's military actions in Lebanon.

In its annual human rights report, the British Foreign Office added Syria to its "major countries of concern" list as part of the report and said it was "deeply concerned" by Syria's support for Hezbollah.
It noted Hezbollah fired nearly 4,000 rockets into Israeli territory, adding: "These indiscriminate rocket attacks killed approximately 40 Israeli civilians and injured up to 2,000 more."

However, the report's section on Israel and the occupied territories made no reference to Israel's military actions against the Shia militia.
Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, angered many during the 34-day war in July and August by refusing to call for an early halt to the fighting.

'Deeply worrying'

The conflict devastated much of Lebanon's infrastructure and killed 1,200 people there, mostly civilians, as well as 157 Israelis, mainly soldiers.

"If they had time to include Hezbollah and the 40 victims of Hezbollah rockets ... they had time to do something on what the Israelis did in Lebanon, especially given the disproportionate number of casualties," said Tom Porteous, London director of New York based Human Rights Watch.

Amnesty International also said it was concerned that several issues had fallen through the gaps.

"It is absolutely right that the government strongly criticise Hezbollah's rocket attacks, but deeply worrying that this report makes no specific mention of Israel's illegal targeting of Lebanese infrastructure...," said Tim Hancock, Amnesty International UK's campaign director.

UK response

Margaret Beckett, the UK foreign secretary, said the publication date of the report had prevented the subject from being covered in more detail.
"I would anticipate that would be more fully dealt with perhaps in next year's report since the timing of ... when this was produced was a little bit tight," she said.

However, Porteous said the numbers cited in the report which relate to Hezbollah's actions suggested it had gone to press around the middle of the war, which meant it was "inexcusable" that it was not balanced with Israeli comment.

"If they don't cover the human rights dimensions of such a huge story that the Middle East is looking at still with a great deal of anger... it is going to undermine their effort for hearts and minds in the war on terror," he said.

(MFL notes again: My response of course how could Israel do anything harmful to civilians, they only did THAT!!!!!

To the racist Imperialists, I have one sentence for you: Hasta La Victoria Siempre, to the British Proletariat: Wake up and smell the Coffee)



Puppeteer said...

Didn't you already know that all those Humanitarian Comunities Amnesty Human Right Crap are biased terrorist Pallywood funded racist anti-Semites?

Viva la Revolucion!

Jennifer Donaldson said...

Hey, Hizbollah is bragging that they won the war. So stop complaining already, and enjoy your victory.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

1200 killed and at a one point 1 million displaced and over 1.2 million cluster bombs scattered around the South (over 181 killed/wounded), shouldn't Israel be accountable to all those war crimes? It is the principle of things...


aaincest said...
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