Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Horrible 9/11 and the More Horrible 9/11

Well, I just remembered an interview with Chomsky on TV when he came to Lebanon. I loved the idea of when he does a nice comparison between this 9/11 and an earlier much more catastrophic 9/11.

For me, I denounce 9/11 as it hurt people rather the US administration, actually it paved way for US imperialism to expand in its highest stage of military activism since WW2. During the Cold War, the ruthless Soviet Union was the US's arch-enemy and all media was directed towards that war in order to justify their own blunders. Special thanks to 9/11, we are living in a never ending war called "War on Terror" where the enemy is unknown (well technically anyone who opposes US foreign policy lately). The problem with this war that there is no specific time interval just as the United States can trespass the United Nations and invade any nation its administration sees fit because they are doing a "Pre-emptive War". What is worse, the 9/11 released a beast in the US with no accountability for such hegemonic nation. The United States invaded Iraq because the US media convinced the people that Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction. Now, they preach that they are bringing democracy, which is to be exact (and as expected when they first set foot in Iraq) a civil war to preserve their interests in oil. Three blocks are on the offensive against each other in Iraq, excluding the entrance of Bin Laden's group aggrevates the issues for the Iraqi Proletariat. This was one small example of the outcomes of 9/11.

The More Terrible 9/11: US's fault

Chomsky asks his interviewer to imagine what if the Qa'eda succeeded in demolishing the White House, demolishing the standing capitalist system and transform the US to a dictatorial regime. That would have been three times worse than simply bombing the twin towers of the World Trade Center or sacrifices of the plane crew who prefered to die rather than seeing an airplane crash into a building.

Well, this 9/11 did take place, and no one held the United States accountable back in 1973. Allende, the elected communist president was ousted from his legitimate place because he did not fit US foreign policy, and submitted the whole nation to a US muppet dictator, not to forget Pinochet's brutality to serve Wall Street (before opening up his economy in order to save his Chair with support of the US administration).

Well, someone should remind Bush what his ancestor administrations did in the past. Chile is one of the acts of terror practiced by the United States administration.


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LeftyHenry said...

yeah the fascist takeover of a Democratic Socialist Republic is often ignored which is quite sad.