Saturday, September 16, 2006

What about the people folks

Over 1200 Lebanese have been killed, and more lebanese (specially children) are being killed due to the thousands of cluster bombs that didn't explode in Lebanon. Funny thing, no one held Israel accountable for its war crimes because it has 'the right to defend itself'. Minimum offensive on Israel is on materialistic issues such as Phosphoric bombs, and the oil spill Israel generated. Now who was the smart person who said that Justice exists in this capitalist world while the rich get richer and the Proletariat suffer due to the elites' greed.

"Homes, gardens and highways across south Lebanon are littered with unexploded cluster bombs dropped by Israel, the U.N. said Friday, and the U.S. State Department has reportedly launched an investigation."

Question, didn't the United States give Israel the time, media blackout, and even laser guided missiles to bomb the hell out of Lebanon. Shame on you US tax payers, at least know where your money partly is going...killing children


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