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Nasrallah Returns to the Public Arena

I know plenty read the Daily Star, but problem is Daily Star is Right-winged and mostly pro 14th March rather being objective in its analysis in reporting the events. I decided to translate pieces of the front page of annahar regarding the speech till I am able to get the full of Speech of Nasrallah in order to translate it and put it on my blog for analysis. PS annahar is also a 14th of March block newspaper -- Marxist From Lebanon linkBold

Nasrallah Returns to the Public Arena: No deliverance of Weaponry Under the Shadow of this Government
Seniora, despite the offensive on him: "Focusing on the Dialogue opens Future Horizons

The public appearance for the General Secretary of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, yesterday, was the first since the war broke on July 12th. It was an even which at the same time gathered a huge human crowd with its internal, regional, and international positions which created hesitations on different scales.

One major official of the "14th March forces" that Nasrallah's stands regardning the internal as "pulling ropes and not breaking them." The Prime Minister's mediators welcomed the "process" of dialogue that Nasrallah called for, but did not issue any opinion regarding the details what he spoke off.

Ex-President Amin Gemayel saw the speech as "placing their weaponry in the service of changing the system" while observants noted that the internal orientations of Nasrallah, in the light of his tone his party's media and political capabilities prior the festival, did not worsen things. As for the Arab and International dimensions, the general secretary's speech was heavy. He ignited worries when he said that the Resistence returned arming itself after the military operations stopped, and became much stronger than it was on July 12th, as if indicating that the borders with Syria are still accessible.

As for his talk on the possibility of moving again in the South in case there was nobody to stop Israel, it was percieved as an "alarming indicator" in the face of the army and the temprary UN forces in Lebanon, the UNIFIL.

The observants also noted that his insistance on a "National Unified Government" opens a door for debates regarding the President of the nation Emil Lahaud's status, who can't do any governmental change while his mandate is still on.

The public appearance of Nasrallah and his positions coincided with a heated political clash between AMAL's movement and the Minister of Interior Ahmad Fathat, due to the fact that the minister took a behavioral process on te behalf of the general secretary of the Security Forces' Major General Wafiq Jazbini, who got suspended from work for 20 days. The AMAL MPs doubted the credibility of the minister for taking such a procedure, and the Prime Minister Seniora replied that Fatfat was applying his legal authority due to the fact that the resigned minister Hassan el Sabia'a was outside the country. It was confirmed that there were calls taking place to contain the "tails" of this crisis.

The Festival

Nasrallah was the only speaker in the "Divine Victory Festival", as described by Hezbollah, which the foreign news agencies estimated by the hundreds of thousands, while the organizers of the event said: "First time number of participants in Lebanon" and "in reference to accurate reports, which included the reports of the internal security forces, there was more than one million and a half participant present there.
The festival took place on the Eastern side of the Southern Dahhieh, which is parallel to al-Haddath area, dye to the destruction that followed the previous locations which Hezbollah are accustomed to do their festivals in. There was participations of various political forces that oppose the government, such as "The Free Patriotic Movement, The Marada Movement, The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, ex-PMs Salim el Huss and Omar Karami, ex-minister Suleiman Frangieh, delegates from the behalf of the President and Chairman of the Parlaiment, while the absentees were representatives on the behalf of the government and its president. It was noted that a lot of numbers came from Syria to participate in the festival.

Prime Minister Seniora

In his first comments, plenty sources of the Prime Minister noted that the focus of the general secretary of Hezbollah on the Dialogue topic was "was good, constructive, and opens future horizons." Seniora's sources focused on its comments on Nasrallah's invitation to "compete and debate" within the peaceful means and democracy" which he described as "available and legislated," taking into consideration that Nasrallah attacked politically Seniora indirectly that "tears to not protect anyone" in reference to occasion when Seniora shed tears during the meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers in Beirut during the war. He also said that: "The current government is not capable to neither protect, build, nor unify Lebanon."

Internal Status

Nasrallah's campaign also handled the 14th of March forces for saying: "The war that occurred on Lebanon was an Iranian war for the Nuclear file and the International Court (regarding Harriri's Assasination)." He described that such a talk is "shameful" as he attacked the head of the "Democractic Meeting" [MFL notes: also leader of the Druz Sect and Progressive 'Socialist' Party] Walid Junblatt without naming him by saying: "A major leader of the leaders of the 14th of February [MFL: 14th of March minus FPM] said that the audience of the resistence do not think." He demanded him to: "apologize... we are not an assimilationist party, nor an assimilating category. My father was not a "Baik" [MFL notes: Baik is a feudal title in Lebanon again in reference to Walid Junblatt], nor my grandfather was a Baik, and my son will never be a Baik." Nasrallah considered that the "resistence is who protected Lebanon from a civil war, or else Israel would have won." He called for the construction of a strong nation which is fair, clean, and dear. He also considered that any talk on the weapons of the resistance or "delivering it to the shadow of this nation, this authority, and this system, the status quo would mean that Lebanon is exposed in front of Israel." He renewed the demand for a "National Unity Government", but he was clear that he is not aiming to eliminate anyone politically.


As for the topic of Israel, he said: "We are today celebrating in a divine victory which is a major strategic victory...the fact few thousands of your Lebanese resistance children stood 33 days in an open sky and in front the stronger weaponry and strongest air force in the Middle East... this war was a US war in decision, arms, planning, will, and giving the Zionists the grace period to do so... What stopped the war was the Zionists' disabilities. The Americans stopped the war for the sake of Israel and came to sell it to us here in Lebanon.


As in responce to the German Counsellor Angela Merkel, who said that the German Navi would do its part to "protect the right of Israel to exist", he said that "For all who want to close the sea, sky, the deserts, and the frontiers we say: 'The resistance has over 20,000 missiles, and in few days, as it is out of war, the resistance restored its entire inrastrucitre whether it is military, strategic, or arms... and is much stronger than before July 12th." He also saw that the task of the UNIFIL is to "support the Lebanese Army and not spy on Hezbollah or disarm the weapons of resistence.

As for the role of the army in the South, he wondered: "Will the Lebanese Government transform the Lebanese army to a Complaints and Breach registry Unit? This is shameful on the behalf of the Lebanese Army... Till now we have been patient because we "do not want to record any breaches of the unsacred UN resolution 1701.... but trust well: we will not be patient for long.

Nasrallah also expressed: "Pride in the relationships and friendships of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the leadership his eminence the leader Imam al-Kham'ani, and the relationship with Syria's leadership and people, and with President Bashar el Assad." In return, he attacked "a group of Arab nations that went to the Security Council begging for peace and declinations." He described those nations that do not want to use their oil weaponry as they are worth nothing in the eyes of Israel."

Israeli Comments

"In Jerusalem, a top Israeli official yesterday declared that Nasrallah's declaration of "Historic and Strategic" victory over Israel as "hilarious". While the French Press Agency transmitted from an official who prefered his name to remain secret, that "such a declaration when it comes from a man forced to hide after delivering a speech is pure pethatic. There was a comparison between Nasrallah's threats in proceeding to continue the fight till Palestine is liberated "from the sea to the land" to Iran's Presidet Mahmoud Ahmadinijad when he threated to erase Israel from the map. He also added that Nasrallah speaks by the name of his master President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinijad when he too threatens with the destruction of Israel.

An official speaker in the name of the Foreign ministry of Israel Mark Regev placed the Nasrallah's statements in the "bragging" category. He added: "It is arrogance launched by a man who three weeks ago stated that if his offensive on Israel wouldn't have taken place if he knew the size of the retaliation."

As commenting on Nasrallah's refutal to disarm Hezbollah at this stage, Regev said: "this is taking lightly the International Community because it clearly breaches UN resolution 1701 which states: "the disarment of the Party's weaponry."

(MFL notes: what about your nations breaches on the people of Lebanon taking up this moment in the South of Lebanon and expect Lebanon to be a sitting duck to Israeli terror?)

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