Monday, September 18, 2006

2 "Left-wing" coins still claiming to be the Real Left in Lebanon

Again, Lebanon returns to its severe bi-polar nature. Two camps, and at the same time two reactions. Among those two camps, two left-wing groups biting each other, and in the end they are both reactionary. One that is labeled pro-14th of March, and one is 8th of March. Both sold out on the real causes of why the left emerged into being. The first is a Neo-Con oriented hiding under the banner of the left, and one is a Stalinist Arab Nationalist that sold out on its masses and institutions. The first faction is Elias Attallah's Democractic Leftist Movement, and the second is the Lebanese Communist Party.

The Lebanese Communist Party supports Hezbollah and any resistance to Israel. In a way, that should make it less reactionary than the other, since most of the Internationals through out the world support Hezbollah as a national liberation movement. Yet, the LCP forgot its own struggle when it held fronts against Israel's IDF. They forgot how their first demonstration in the history of Lebanon gathered 7000 comrades in the face of French Imperialism. They forgot that it was their institutions and Unions that upgraded activism to the next level of organization in Lebanon. Now they lag behind, they are stuck on structural outdated forms of activism, without any ideology to guide them, without any goal to build upon except hail Nasrallah, rather they be the core of the struggle. Even though the LCP was despised by all political parties in Lebanon, but in a country such as Lebanon, nobody would love a secular party that would represents the workers of Lebanon. This would mean a disastor for the Sectarian leaders as they won't be able to isolate their sects and remain in power. Part of what ruined the LCP was its rich historical experience, as Arab Nationalism struck to infintrate its Marxist Sciences, and partly the fact it was a pawn for the USSR's foreign policy. The LCP did make a comeback on May Day by gathering 15,000 activists, but it was more for old time's sake gatherings rather for May Day itself and what it symbolizes.

On the other hand, we got the more reactionary movement. A movement with no emancipatory skills from the beginning and no grass root support whatsoever. A last minute patch-work to impose a candidate on the 14th March line-up, formulated by reactionary members (mostly) by ex-LCP who couldn't attain leadership in the face of a reactionary leadership of the LCP. They decided to split and form a last minute movement with no ideology whatsoever. They tend to say any leftist from any school is welcomed, but even in that domain they have nothing to bind them to the left. They are Lebanese nationalists that support the Seniora government in all its perspectives. They got too far in opposing Syria's hegomony that they forgot what is the meaning of the left. They support the Seniora government economically and politically. They forgot all those taxes that Seniora hit the Proletariat when he was the Minister of Finance. They support Lebanon's entry to the WTO.

Both forgot that the real job is to unite the Proletariat of the world into the class struggle. Actually, both became so nationalistic that they either forgot about class struggle or find it not important (LCP) or denounce the very presence of class struggle and call it realistic (DLM). Both became too nationalistic in serving the bourgeoisie elites that one tends to accuse Israel of attrocities towards the Lebanese (LCP) while the other attacks Syria for abolishing freedom of Lebanon's elites (DLM). Both forgot that we are all workers joined by a common cause to lead the workers to their very emancipation in the face of their oppressors, the leaders and figures of the 14th and 8th of March.

One mocks Lenin and Trotsky as not realistic (DLM) and one adopted the speech of the stronger party (LCP). One over focuses the struggle of the Proletariat that forgot the meaning of Marxism and became nationalist (LCP) and one became Syrian phobic and shoved themselves to the free market (DLM). Both leading the Proletariat to give up class struggle, but I got news for both of them, those stalinists (LCP) or Neo-Cons (DLM) who are both obsessed with their personal greed, that class struggle is not dead.

As long as the vision of Marx and Engels, the revolutionary ideas of Lenin, Luxemborg, and Trotsky, the sacrifices of Pandelis, Liebnekht, and Radek, the coverage of history by Reed and Higgins, and every single idea of Communism lives, those two reactionary camps (along with the divided "leftist" forces, are threatened. The ideas of Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin live forever. Eleanor Marx or Natalia Sedove, Che Guevara or Otto Rene Castillo, and every single dedicated Communist thinker, they will remain alive, and enforce the unity against them. The base of the Communist is to be mass-oriented. As Tony Cliff and Lenin once explained, the marxist leads the Proletariat as the marxist learns from the people. With time, the Proletariat would be emancipated to Communism, and till then the Free Market of the DLM and the Arab Nationalism of the LCP will scatter into dust in the face of the revolutionary proletariat. It is time as Hal Draper said, that the Emancipation from below exterminate the false emancipation from above (elites).

Long live the Ever-Going Class Struggle and Revolution
Hasta La Victoria Siempre
Down with the reactionary and their blind hatred
Death to their lies and deception
All hail Class Struggle and the emancipation of the working class



Thaer Daem said...

Would appreciate more examples from Arab marxists. Not one cited in your whole list.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

welcome back comrade Thaer Daem, where have you been all this time? I was worried about ya