Friday, September 29, 2006

Threat of Marxism to Zionism in 1919

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An Interview in Mr. Balfour's Apartment, 23 Rue Nitot, Paris, on June 24th, 1919, at 4:45 p.m.

Present: Mr. Balfour, Mr. Justice Brandeis *, Lord Eustace Percy, and Mr. Franfurter**

Mr. Balfour expressed great satisfaction that Justice Brandeis came to Europe. He said the Jewish problem (of which the Palestinianquestion is only a fragment but an essential part) is to his mind as perplexing a question as any that confronts the statesmanship of Europe. He is exceeingly distressed by it and harassed by its difficulties. Mr. Balfour rehearsed summarily the pressure on Jews in Eastern Europe and said that the problem was of course complicated by the extraordinary phenomenon that Jews now are not only participating in revolutionary movements but are actually, to a large degree, lleaders in such movements. He stated that a well informed person told him only the other day that Lenin also on his mother's side was a Jew.

Justice Brandeis stated that he had every reason to believe that this is not so and that Lenin on both sides is an upper class Russian. He continued that after all this is a minor matter, that all that Mr. Balfour said was quiet so. He believes that every Jew is potentially an intellectual and an idealist and the problem is one of direction of those qualities.

* Felix Frankfurter, Prof. of Law at Harvard Law School, later Asociate Justice, Supreme Court of US 1939-1962, and President Wilson's Consultant at the Paris Peace COnference in 1919. Lord Eustace Percy (1887-1958), British diplomat, later Conservative Member of the Parliament, 1921-1937.

** Brendeis (1856 - 1941) was Chairman of Provisional Commission for General for General Zionist Affairs, U.S. 1914-1916, and Associate Justuce, Spreme Court of the US, 1916-1939.

Reference: Dr. Walid Khalidi's From Haven to Conquest - Chapter 18

(MFL notes: Zionism is racism... case closed and never wanted Jews to live better anywhere except in their own racist nation.)

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