Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lebanese Forces Do a "Prayer" to the bringers of death

Today was the ritual at the Maronite Church to honor the fallen ones for the Lebanese Forces (and Phalangists). That totally contradicts the concept of the Church. How does a Church honor their "martyres" who were carrying M-16s shooting civilians based on religion?

For starters, they honor Bashir Gemayel who sacrificed himself for the "Lebanese" cause. What the priest didn't mention was that Mr. Bashir Gemayel was part of the decision makers to bring into Lebanon the Syrian Army to enter Lebanon for the first time, and he (along with his father Pierre) were responsible for the 1982 Israeli invasion to Lebanon. The Priest honors Bashir Gemayel who according to the priest fought for the cause.

But what was the cause? Bashir Gemayel had different causes. He wanted a Christian Lebanon by all means, and after he became elected suddenly (suspiciously due to the influences of the American Diplomat Philip Habbib) wanted to be the President of the whole Lebanon. How does a church honor warriors and messengers of death to civilians.

Then the priest speaks about Samir Jaajaa (current head of the fanatic Lebanese Forces) and hails him. A religious priest in a ritual hailing a politician contradicts the very message of the Christian Ideology which is love thy neighbor and enemy. The Church is clearly supporting one faction over the other. Then the priest with all rudeness hails a political faction who has one of the bloodiest history in Lebanon and after wards says: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Just as we lived during the oppressive reign of the Syrians, we saw the re-writement of history. Again, we see the process again. We sse a ceremony honoring the fallen Lebanese Forces, and we see members of the Durze "Progressive Socialist Party", who gave the Lebanese Forces a nice number of "Martyrs" during the "War of the Mountain" when the Israelis did a sudden pull back and the Druze - Christians slit each other from the areas shared by Christians and Druze. Currently, they stand togather, and the leaders of the PSP clap whenever the name Bashir Gemayel is mentioned.

While the priest is doing the "divine sacrifice" for the honor of the "Lebanese Forces", the ceremony was temprary cut when May Chidiac enters the Church, and everyone stands to clap for her courage. Even the priest sits and claps, while I wonder if a regular Proletariat enters the Church, would people stand and clap for him/her?

This ceremony is cleary nothing but the distortion of history, and push the Lebanese Forces (14th of March block) politically to face the Free Patriotic Movement (8th of March block). Again, as Marx said earlier: Religion is an Opium to the masses, and this is what is taking place. The merge of the Church with Politics is exactly what has taken place. This prayer is nothing but a group gathering to honor fallen warriors who brought blood on innocent by-standers.

To the Priest Roland Abou Jawdi, ever thought of dedicating a prayer to the innocent civilians whose throats were slit even though they had no relations with the war? Those civilians who represent all sects of Lebanon that were cold bloodedly murdered, and never thought to honor them except the bringers of death?

The road to a socialist state is still long, and we should never give up as Marxists to bring forth unity of the Proletariat despite all sects, tendencies, and gender.

I wonder what Jesus Christ, the advocate of peace and love, would do if he entered this ceremony, specially his name popped up as part of the ceremony.



Angry Anarchist said...

were responsible for the 1982 Israeli invasion to Lebanon.
That's a bit of a stretch...

MarxistFromLebanon said...

actually it was through the Zahli encounter that Bashir Gemayel got Israel dragged to go head to head with the Syrians. Excluding the fact that it was Bashir Gemayel's promise to Ariel Sharon that the Lebanese Forces will do the street to street fighting in West Beirut as well ...


Angry Anarchist said...

That still paints a picture wherein Israeli ambitions and agendas are only secondary. This is highly inaccurate. Gemayel might've contributed, but he was not wholely "responsible" for the Israeli invasion...

It's important to make a distinction between the two words/concepts..

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually Anarchy, the Israelis had best plan was to help the Phalangists and Lebanese Forces to stand on their feet.

After the Zahli encounter and the first major clash took place between the Israelis and the Syrians (Due to Bashir Gemayel)... Ariel Sharon came along , and filled the pieces with Bashir, which was invasion of Lebanon and installment of Bashir Gemayel as President.

(/me recommends Cursed is the peace maker)