Friday, September 29, 2006

Unions and their role?

Well, probably if we look at Marxism 101, Marx and Engels focused that Trade Unions tend to bind the Proletariat while Capitalism, due to the competition for wages, seperates them. It just bothers me that Unions are inactive and tend to defend Capitalism for a change.

I read a small piece of an article from annahar that said the head of the Printing Union was stressing on the TRIPS agreement (intellectual property) regarding books and anything related to priniting industry. Statistics showed that Lebanon costs the Filming and Music industries a cumulative of 3 billion dollars per year due to piracy and copy rights. The Syndicate leader forgot that not everyone affords those 60$ or 100$ books, and would sound rather silly to wait years and years till the value of the book declines.

Ironic, a Union that defends WTO policies even on the international arena.