Friday, September 22, 2006

Nasrallah Speaks in front 1.5 million

Just as Israeli officers were celebrating that if Nasrallah does a public appearance, they will kill him. They wanted to compensate their loss that they will make him live under the ground for ever.

Right now, a festival of estimated 1.5 million audience gathered in destroyed Dahhieh, and Nasrallah speaks in front of them in a demonstration of estimated of 1.5 million demonstrator. Nasrallah celebrates publicly his victory.

Even though the demonstration is meant to tell 14th of March block a message that his size is strong on a national scale, as well as to bring his supporters (such as the Lebanese Communist Party, Syrian Social Nationalist Party....etc), the balance of power is back. Again, Nasrallah proved to USA and Israel that Hezbollah is still alive with bigger support.

Lebanon returns to the balance of power, but with Aoun's support to Nasrallah, it is anticipated that the majority of the Christians as well support him.

This demonstration paved way for new set of analysis and pondering. I will try to get the full speech from the newspaper tomorrow and translate it to English. I am not a supporter of Hezbollah, but I do support whatever happened to the IDF inside Lebanese soil, it would be good to see the army bashed as a lesson for all the breaches they did on Lebanon.

I posted this to see Israeli generals now bang their head on the table because he challenged them and spoke for over an hour, as he was with the audience celebrating the victory over the IDF. I wonder if Bush and his staff now are doing an emergency meeting. What is the next compensation the IDF generals and politicians would promise their people, while as I see and watch Nasrallah speaking live in Dahhieh [Beirut's suburbs] which was totally demolished.

At least the theme of the speech is also demanding reconciliation. Of course, my critique on Nasrallah's speech would come soon.

Some points:

"Hezbollah's weaponry is not only Shiite, but Christian, Durzi, Sunni."

"Lebanon is no longer a tiny spot in the Middle East, but we [as Lebanese] are a super regional power to be calculated by Israel, United States, the West, and anyone else"

"Today Lebanon is undergoing a political split, it will be fire to call it Sectarian. No block shall attack the other as traitor, we shall discuss and solve this split in dialogues and democracy."

"The only solution I see, is the National Unity Government. When I say National Unity Government, I am not canceling anyone, but everyone represented."

"The current Government is not capable of unifyin or protecting Lebanon. We do not want to cancel anyone nor any political force. The building of a strong Lebanon begins with a unified national government. This is not a waste of time or a cliche. This is our project."

"The road to a democractic government is to put a new just electorial system that represents all the sects and political forces."

"They tried to siege Lebanon? The German Councellor said that they are checking for the fact that Israel can protect itself. Let them do what they want. We are prepared for war, what we presented in this last war was only a small percentage of our strength. The resistence has more than than 20,000 missiles."



Anonymous said...

Israel wanted to compensate for their loss?? The only losers here are the Lebonese people for allowing cowards like Hezbollah to stay in their country.

Angry Anarchist said...

The only losers
You forget the dozens killed in Israel for the crimes of Olmert.

Thaer Daem said...

1.5 million persons? That's your "scientific estimate"?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I did say estimated :P

Anonymous said...

The dirty zionists and their illegitimate state are going to be destoyed. Hassan Nasrallah is a great hero in America for all of those who despise the perversion of our foriegn policy by the usurious scummy zionists who've bought our politicians.