Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lebanon and Blair

Reading the article after couple of days on Tony Blair's visit, sadly, BBC showed plenty of mistakes.

For starters, it was not few hundreds gathered up to demonstrate against Blair, it had much larger number.

Second, the article failed to mention one important note, which is that PM Seniora told Blair that this is democracy and Lebanon practices freedom of speech, which is practiced by all groups (not sure to what extent though, but situation definitely improved after the Syrians withdrew). Blair in delight replied that this demonstration made him feel at home.

Third, the BBC assumed that the ones angry were only Hezbollah, and neglected the fact that the whole Lebanon was angry from him because till a month passing of Lebanese (and not Shiite) citizens, Blair decided to move as Israel confirmed to Blair and Bush that they are not able to barely scratch Hezbollah. The issue was not Hezbollah, but rather Lebanon.

Fourth, even though there is a division in politics, specially regarding the current president of Lebanon and the Arms of Hezbollah... it is not to the extent of whether welcome Blair with open arms or not. The Lebanese PM said that he would welcome anyone to display the facts. Again, I agree with the fact he should not be welcomed, but since a decision was taken, Seniora tried to limit the damage that even people like Blair should be welcomed as help from all (except Israel) should be welcomed.

The West is bargaining on the division of the Proletariat in Lebanon due to sectarianism. The problem is they are trying to enlarge the gap. Where Israel failed to encourage a split, diplomacy is doing it. Now relations between the 8th and 14th of March are detoriating and the issue to resolve the arms of Hezbollah have been pushed further as all political figures (for once agreeing) that the weaponry issue is solved through national dialogues (although the National Dialogue looks like more of a poker table games due to the fact the table looks round but no real decisions took place).

No matter what attempts taken, bottom line is the workers should be organized to dump their rulers. Sectarianism is dividing the nation, and as Marx said: "Religion is the Opium of the Masses."

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