Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WTO and Ministers

They think that the WTO is an item to be placed under "Islahh", how can they put that as bureaucratic cleansing. If they think that the abolishment of President Lahoud is restoring the Lebanese Constitution, then they are crazy when compared to the membership at the World Trade Organization.

The nationstate can never sue a Transnational Corporation, on the contrary it is vice versa. To make it worse, constitutional amendments are needed for the liberation of the markets (as Islahh?). They forgot what happened in Nigeria when 10 activists got executed in charge of High Treason for making Shell angry? They forgot how domestic products get annhilated in face of the TNCs. They forget how the World Bank keeps a hawk eye and enforces constitutional changes as they see fit. They forget how they can attain copyright on Lebanese commodities, and they forget how the constitution is re-shaped to forge domestic labor with foreign.

I do sense I will tackle that domain more often.



MarxistFromLebanon said...
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Angry Anarchist said...
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MarxistFromLebanon said...

That is not their official position, it is the Coalition.

Angry Anarchist said...


It is nonetheless on their website. And I can only assume unless proven to be wrong!