Saturday, April 01, 2006

Quote of the Day

"The press, radio, television, the schools, everyone is insisting how backward people are, how incapable people are of transforming society. And when people attempt it that is what a Marxist bases his revolutionary theory on. That is what we are living for, so to speak. We are living for the peak, and not the valley." ~~ Martin Glaberman


Thaer Daem said...

Glaberman is an autonomist Marxist who would not have agreed with the ready-made recipes for revolution you seem to endorse:
"It is in the best classic Marxist tradition to base theory on the peak that the working class has reached in any stage of society. And the reality of the post-World War II world is typified by what has happened in France in ’68 and Hungary in ’56. That is the basis for our theory. If a theory that is valid in 1871 is still valid today, or a form, or a political party that is valid in 1917 is still valid today; then there is some fundamental weakness in dialectics. Dialectics, as Marx understood it, implies that capitalist society is continually changing and being revolutionized. The social relations are changed; the capitalist class is changed; the working class is changed. It would be a miracle of dialectics if everything else changed but something Lenin wrote in 1902, in What Is To Be Done? remains eternal. It doesn’t make any sense."

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Indeed, actually he contradicts himself in plenty of points... in some articles he is the revolutionary marxist, in other articles he is the revisionist... I just loved that quote :)