Friday, April 28, 2006

Democratic Right Movement? That Extent?

I was sitting and working when suddenly I recieved an SMS on my mobile saying: Democratic Left (?) Movement celebrates the Beirut Spring and Labor Day By Presenting a Concert perormed by Beirut Spring Band on 29-04-2006 @ 7pm UNESCO palace."

I as a Communist and a Leftist, I tend to find that message as repulsive, insultive, and highly provocative by the DLM. They still claim to be leftists (not that they are labeled as the Coffee Servers of the 14th of March only), but now they are celebrating Labor Day instead May Day. May Day (or as the comrades over here call it Workers' Day) has been celebrated since 1889 in the honor of the fallen workers in Chicago's Hay Market Massacre (1886). It was three Communist Figures (Eleanor Marx, Edward Aveling, and Fredriche Engels) who declared that this day will be a reminder for all the fallen Proletariat and honor their memories (and the ones who fallen afterwards) while celebrating that on this day the first Solidarity International Event took place when the Red Flag was raised from China, passing through Russia, towards the whole of Europe, towards North America and Australia. Afterwards, plenty of revolutions through out the world took place, and plenty of intensified class struggle appeared.

In Lebanon, the Proletariat entered this class struggle. In 1925, Lebanon was under the French Mandate, which is another name for French Imperialism that existed then. The ones to build the Lebanese Communist Party gathered in Beirut more than 7000 workers (something neither the DLM nor the LCP combined can do) to put a stand against the Imperialists. The Lebanese & Syrian comrades were joined by the Armenian comrades (then the exiled Spartacus League of Armenia led by Artur Madayan), and forged one of the greatest demonstrations in Lebanon tha resulted in the first stand of the oppressed class against French Imperialists in the history of Modern Lebanon. On the eve of that day, the Communist Party came to existence. (Reference: Political Parties of Lebanon: The Lebanese Communist Party [NBN, Episode I].

Currently, we got the DLMers who are trying to prove that they are leftists and are celebrating LABOR DAY!!!! Labor Day was implemented by the Right Wing and officially by the United Nations. The Syrian Social Nationalist Party declared Workers' Day in Lebanon replaced by Labor Day on the logic that they celebrate Work instead of honoring the workers because if there is no work, there is no workers. The International Business Arena celebrates Labor Day as well, because they aim to cut down the radical growth and class awareness of the Proletariat. Hence Labor Day was implemented by the United States, United Nations, and their allies, just as they did with Working Womens' Day. Keep celebrating Democratic Left Movement. Enjoy your self-proclaimed left just as you keep defending 14th of March was a Workers' Revolution.

In the memory of our fallen comrades, let us pledge to ourselves to keep the struggle of what they started, till we stand victorious.

For reference on May Day:

And we repeat to ourselves our anthem:

...Let the winds lift your banners from far lands
With a message of strife and of hope:
Raise the Maypole aloft with its garlands
That gathers your cause in its scope....
...Stand fast, then, Oh Workers, your ground,
Together pull, strong and united:
Link your hands like a chain the world round,
If you will that your hopes be requited.
When the World's Workers, sisters and brothers,
Shall build, in the new coming years
,A lair house of life--not for others,
For the earth and its fulness is theirs. "

Walter Crane, The Workers' Maypole, 1894

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