Thursday, April 06, 2006

And The Academy Award Goes To...

To all the members of the Parlaiment and Government!!

After seeing President Lahoud shaking hands with everyone, which keeps reminding me of the Poker Round Table (ie Negotiations/Dialogue Table). Each is trying to maximize his profit on the expense of the People. The people suffering from oppression due to the brainwashing process of the "Figure/Sect" Iconization, are too scattered to do anything. Sadly, the ones who crowned themselves as leftist are part of that lobbying (well coffee bearers). One block wants to bring the Syrians back for the sake of Resistence, the Other block wants to bury Lebanon in the WTO. Go figure out that. Both sides are destructive in nature, reactionary, and elitest. The whole of Lebanon is in chaos (except of Down Town since it elevated to a global city with its own social norms). What about the Democratic Left? Still hailing themselves as blocking the Syrian invasion? What about the LCP, still trapped in this cyclone of Arab Nationalism and Stalinist bureaucratic organization?


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