Monday, April 24, 2006

National Unity & Ta3ayosh Moushtarak (Common Living)

I seriously gotta love all the politicians (and of course my favourite two coffee bearers Ziad Majed and Elias) when they all speak of national unity and common living. Let us see, national unity only takes place only and only when the leaders love each other, while their sects/followers just remain puppies in following commands/trends of their leaders? Some national unity that is... Elias be ashamed for speaking that way.

As for those who speak of Common Living among the lebanese, what do you mean, higher tolerence over interaction? Keep in mind that most of the government members committee refuted the first interactive initiative for Lebanon to get out its sectarian swamp, which was Civil Marriage. DLMers do not justify your master's decisions not voting then because he kept you in business.


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