Monday, April 17, 2006

Food For Thought

Welocome to my world, Stranger!
Relax and enter my mind's layer!
What can you see?
Do you see me free?

You will see a dreamer
Struggling to remain a warrior
Despite all the pain and alienation
I stand and fight forms of stagnation

I must preserve my fire
Allow the flow of all desires
Collective happiness of all
And all sadness must fall

Why worried, o coward stranger?
Why afraid of possible failure?
Why find that changer so strange?
If we fail, we stand again with a daze!

Keep the fire burning
And all thoughts flowing
Never accept life as it appears
Arise and fight eith a sarcastic sneer

A victory I can not promise you
But a struggle? That I can help you
A struggle for the collective masses
We shall, in the end, stand victorious

Marxist From Lebanon
(2004: written when I was over-buried abroad with work)

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