Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jaajaa and Aoun = inverse relationship

The problem that both are leaders of "Christians" in Lebanon. Already Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement and Hariri Jr.'s block exposed each other in very interesting relevant points (which tells me as a Communist to hell with both), but I saw Jaajaa's speech today on TV and the guy was really delivered a well prepared speech, much better than Aoun goes with his traditional speech as: "Ana 3amilit (translation: I did ) , and never speaks except of himself.

Now Jaajaa delivered a more pro. speech, and the issue is that the relationship between both is that when one loses members, the other gains. One who blunders , the other capitalizes. The Lebanese Forces' alliance to the 14th of March block has allowed Aoun to capitalize on Parlaimentary elections, nevertheless in "Christian Regions". With Aoun in alliance with Hizbullah, things are gradually reversing, and Jaajaa is attempting to balance. In end, they are both right-wingers (even though Jaajaa with the better vocal speech delivery), and both participating in isolating their own audiences and dividing the workers, excluding enhancing Sectarianism. Funny thing is to see Jaajaa mentioning George Hawwi and Kamal Jumblatt as glorious martyres (read The Prince?)


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