Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Twin Souls of Socialism

In my debates lately, I have been confronted by two types of Socialism (excluding the lebanese PSP), the emancipation of above (which is not really leftist), and the emancipation from below).
Funny thing is that since the debates displayed by Ted Grant till modern times and in every nation. The reactionaries who want to justify their failure to grasp the very logic of left-wing Socialism is to hide from the Emancipation From Above, as they justify (such as DLM) that their alliance to Right-Wing movements would give them a parlaimentary chair.

Sadly, they do not know that their right winged allies would oppose any left-wing proposition as their own businesses is threatened (whether DLM has any clue on the left rather simply the "intention").

I highly recommend a book written by Comrade Hal Draper called: Twin Souls of Socialism, to understand the great divide between the Socialists/Communists versus "Socialists"/Bureaucrats.

This is the link to the book:


PS: For the lazy readers, it is small and very easy going, so read it!!!! :)

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