Thursday, April 06, 2006

Charles Chaplin: Modern Times

Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece Modern Times is an all time classic that reflects the real life of the Proletariat then (and probably now in plenty of South nations and the gradual progress of North back to those horrible times) and now.

As always Chaplin depicts the reality of things in a rather shocking manner, but as Chaplin's real art goes, with a smile on our faces. The struggling Proletariat continues in its struggle to survive, and reveals how in the end the Proletariat have no choice but to continue with struggle. With the loss of hope, the worker is doomed. The government already despises Trade Unions (the Communist Radical ones of the 20s and 30s in USA) and does not allow the Workers to gather forces in order to state their demands. The funniest concept for me is actually a joke we usually joke around due to the hard unemployment over here is that a person would prefer to go to Prison and eat/sleep over there.

Charlie Chaplin's Marxist ideas are clear in the movie, and it is a MUST to dwell on that aspect of Class Struggle.


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