Friday, May 04, 2007

Olmert and Peretz: Two Clowns to go home

Well, seems the new road map of what Condi Rice spoke off while we were hearing Israeli airplanes above our heads received a new slap in the face. It has cost the US administration their allies, well at least Olmert’s cabinet. We all know that cabinet can be easily replaced with another. The Winograd commission literally proved what the non-Zionists been speaking about, Israel was too hasty to declare war on Lebanon (yes it is Lebanon and not Hezbollah when they threaten to throw Lebanon 20 years back!).

The BBC gathering thoughts and opinions reported a certain fellow, Orem Coen, saying: “Olmert is not qualified to be our prime minister, but who else is there?
Ariel Sharon was the last of the giants and now we're left with small businessman.
I don't want Benyamin Netanyahu, as that would be like replacing a donkey for a mule.”

This tells us that the only “giant” is Sharon, a man who Phil Habib and Morris Draper described as a “butcher”, a “bully”, and sometimes “insane”. That is the problem the Israelis do not understand, their Zionist ideology, this racism, this hatred, started the whole chain reaction when they (a minority) set out to displace a whole nation in a most terror-like manner (similar to al-Qa’eda brutality) and expected the neighbors would be understanding. Some of the stupid Zionists would reply, “but look they are Arabs, and there are plenty of Arab Land”, well that is as if saying: “Look, the people of Belgium are Europeans, and there is plenty of European Land”. That is it, Zionism is probably one of the remainders of colonial movements that survived the 19th Century, as Edward Said dissected perfectly well, and the 1948 crisis was the peak of all the disasters we are facing around here in the Middle East. The Lebanese instability of 1958, and civil war in 1975 broke out because of the domino effect triggered in 1948. You sure can’t expect to expel a whole race, then treat those who remained in a miraculous way as 3rd class citizens, without triggering reactions to what started as reactionary in the first place.

The Winograd Commission displayed errors, and more errors in entering automatically the war with Lebanon over an operation on an Israeli unit. The problem with the Olmert Cabinet, they needed an excuse to attack, that was the excuse. Ze’ev Schiff already spoke of certain Hezbollah operations intercepted prior to July 12, and the Israeli “Defense” Forces on purpose never increased their defense.

More interestingly, stupid Zionists would go and promote the idea that Hezbollah brought this on Lebanon. As far as I know, Israel did unaccountable operations over their borders on Lebanese soil without being held accountable. Fishermen shot, cluster bombs till this day explode on civilians, shattered Lebanese economy, and the most ironic part: Hezbollah emerged stronger than ever. Olmert tried to claim victory that the UNIFIL exist in South Lebanon, but that was not sufficient to save his PM throne. All UNIFIL will run away at the first site of a bullet. We have seen the UN “Peace” Keepers and “Enforcers”, they just run. Only the NATO forces can be considered a true force with real fire power. We have seen how NATO imposed peace during the disintegration of former Yugoslavia.

But this situation is different, it took a Zionist commission to convince the Israelis they were wrong to attack Lebanon, not for “virtuous reasons” rather to avoid more military disasters. Israel, that claims Hezbollah caused the destruction of Lebanon, was in fact their troops shooting and bombing almost the whole of Lebanon. Israel could have resorted to diplomacy, and political pressures. Instead, they slaughtered 1300 Lebanese, and more are getting killed by the remaining horrific cluster bombs. Worse, the Red Cross confirmed that Israel was using banned weaponry, also to be denounced by Anan himself, but the US argued that Israel has the right to defend itself. This reminds us of Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All people are equal, but some people are more equal”. Finally, it never occurred to the Israelis that Hezbollah exists in this strength with such popularity not due to Iran solely, we have already seen militant groups in Lebanon crumbling down despite nice finances, rather because of Israeli brutality on the people. At a one point, the South of Lebanon were facing both the Israelis and the Palestinians, something the Israelis always fail to mention it to their people. (Zionists forcing their people to live in a certain framework?). In the end, once the Israelis fail to counter every argument, specially they did the slaughters, they would accuse you of “Anti-Semitism” for criticizing the Israeli cabinet’s decision (which I keep failing to see how does a war decision got to do with racism, and more interestingly how can the Lebanese be Anti-Semites or the Palestinians, since they all originate from the Kena’ans).

Then, we got Levni. Levni’s story is interesting. Like most of the Israeli cabinet, and definitely Sharon’s lousy party, she is an ex-military. She was part of the Mossad, she became Sharon’s right-hand, a co-founder of the Kadima Party (which without Sharon wouldn’t have had any real value), and last but not least, she was minister foreigner, highest position taken since Golda Meir. Whatever Peretz and committed blunders during the July War, we saw Levni pleading to the media Israel was simply “DEFENDING” itself, rather bombing the whole of Lebanon. It should be noted, the more Israel intensified its attacks, the more Hezbollah retaliated. After doing face safe for Israel, specially amidst the media blackout we were living in, during the July War, suddenly key cabinet members tried to scapegoat her for the war to cover her own blunders. As Olmert was saying the party emerged unified, Levni bombs Olmert with the statement to resign as a Prime Minister, while announcing herself indirectly as the Candidate. Seems the tables have turned on “Hitler” Olmert (as a lot call him in Lebanon), now Levni is scapegoating Olmert.

What the July War left impact on the Israelis, it also left a psychological fear. First, their military defenses crumbled down. Second, their pride, the “indestructible” tank Mirkava turned out to be a sitting duck. Third, they launched a war on an entire nation and kept it a hostage for an additional month under the banner of retrieving the soldiers (although at the rate they bombed Lebanon, I wouldn’t be surprised that they could have killed the two soldiers), and never got them back. Fourth, they decided to destroy Hezbollah, Hezbollah emerged stronger and even a stronger balancer of power against the 14th of March coalition. Fifth, their army suffered military defeat, whether sending their elite forces or their regular infantry or the reserves, they got slapped in the face. The only thing that keeps Israel still confident about its “existence” is their plane superiority and naval power (although even that was heavily scratched). Little do they know, that technology generates economies of scale, with that the “underdogs” started to catch up to them on the military aspect. All they hope is to still bargain on the holocaust committed between 1939-1944 to cover up for their own holocaust committed on the behalf of the Lebanese and the Palestinians. I mean what type of stupid Defense Minister would open a second front while he got one open amidst the occupied lands of Palestine?

Last but not least, the July war empowered Nasrallah. Now Hezbollah grew even stronger ever since they accomplished their military victory over the Israeli army. For starters, 95% of the Israelis killed were non-civilians, unlike what the Israelis did, and henceforth won the hearts of the Anti-US imperialist movements blindly, forgetting that Hezbollah is a reactionary party by itself. This again, we got to thank the Israelis, they gave Hezbollah since the 1982 invasion a chance to exist, and through their brutality, they gave (along with other factors) Hezbollah to grow such a popular base, not only among the Shiites, but also the Christians. Hezbollah's flags were raised through out the Arab Nations (and Muslim nations) as well as a lot of anti-US imperialism rallies (which I find illogical). Israel's neighbors are getting weaker, such as Egypt and Jordan, and despite their oppressive superiority over their people, one day they will crumble down, and the Israelis can thank their Zionist leaders for that happening.

It is time for the Israelis themselves to start considering a secular government that is not Zionist, and definitely not brutal and racist like the ones before. At least, this is the first step to establish real peace if they want with their neighbors, and I am not talking fake peace with the Jordanians or Egypt, whose base masses more and more across the years hate their leaderships. The Israelis already feel they are canned in their borders, and their Zionist leaders are bringing racism towards them due to their own brutality. Some Israelis never learn from this mistake, that it was their butchery that triggered all this Fiasco since the Zionist project was on a most devastating manner was applied. Someone will reply: “Oh yeah, but this is my land”, the problem is, prior of the Zionist project taking place effectively, there were only 7% of the population of Palestine in 1915 that could argue they lived in this land for more than a century. Most of the people of Israel can’t go beyond a century that they lived in it, that should give them a clue or two. More importantly, if Israel means peace, the only solution to prove itself is by seizing to be racist towards the others. We already know and read a lot of references how the European Jews are racists towards the Arab Jews. Even the Cartoonist Joe Sacco gathered statements that the Palestinians and the Arab Jews got no problem with each other, and a lot regard each other as “Kins”, yet the European Jews got the issues, because they brought with them the logic of “Zionism” and its racism. Natanyaho is not an option, and arms will not preserve safety for Israel, the July War proved that the underdogs caught up with the “giants”, now it is time the people abandoned Zionism, and embraced Internationalism. The Israelis forgot about the Anti-War demonstrations in Israel in 1982, which had at a one point over 200,000 Jewish demonstrators, and eventually shot down the war pig Sharon out as a defense minister.
No War But Class War

Down with all Forms of Nationalism


PS: I know one thing for sure, I will really party and celebrate once these two bastards Peretz and Olmert resign, I reserved a nice bottle of Red Wine to drink of a certain special brand, for butchering 1300 Lebanese, wounding 5000, and let us not forget their daily on-going massacres in Palestine.


La Lebanessa said...
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La Lebanessa said...

A few years ago i was watching one of these american talk-shows where they had three guests being interviewed. The guests were (rather strangely) Hanan Ashrawi(somebody should make her president somewhere), Marwan Barghouti, and Olmert (then Mayor of Jerusalem) all sitting together being interviewed and questioned by the audience.It was the first time that I had ever heard Olmert speak, and what struck me at that time was how he seemed to drip with poison at every word. Marawan Barghouti on was very well spoken (though very very angry- he was sitting in the chair with a frown on his face the whole program, hardly ever looking at Olmert), and he impressed me at the time as the kind of man the Palestinians needed, as a replacement for their old defunct corrupt useless guard. When Barghouti was arrested and later Olmert promoted to his current position, it made me sad that fate had dealt barghouti such a rough hand but olmert such a good one. However it seems that now Olmert's karma is catching up with him finally.
From a Lebanese point of view however, who cares if Olmert stays or goes, whatever happens,we all know he will never be punished properly for what he did to us last summer, and if he is removed from his post, be-rouh Hmar be-yeje Hmar akbar minno.

Renegade Eye said...

Condi wasn't a good Sovietologist either. She should be condemned for eternity, for helping Israel politically, while prolonging the bombing.

Israel doesn't have the industrial base, for a long war. That is why it depends on the US.

M Bashir said...

Great post.

fLoYd 2 dA LeFt said...

allow me to rectify... they shall be forced to resign, not for killing this much and destroying as much... but actually for not killing enough.. and not destroying as efficient.. gone with Olmert welcome Natanyahu.. cheers with the wine amigo don't forget to include me in the celebrations!