Thursday, May 24, 2007

Assist the Nahr el Bared Refugees

After the shaky cease fire in Nahr el Bared, scores of refugees have been fleeing the camp to go to Badawi camp (MFL notes: and other locations), people's homes and UNRWA schools. The Badawi clinics and hospital are running severely short on medical supplies. We have been coordinating with relief NGOs in Beirut who are going up to the North to assist the refugees and have obtained the following list of urgent supplies:

medical kits
liquid panadol
nervous system medicine
kovaj for diabetes
clamid 5 mg
saline solution
irdan for muscles
stiching kits

If you are able to provide any of the following asap, please email Rasha ( r.moumneh at gmail dot com) or Marcy Newman (marcynewman at gmail dot com)

This is the blog site that updates on the on-going progress of such activism, under the title of Nahr El Bared Donations, over here.

For those unable to assist, I would hope that the bloggers can place the link of their blog to their site.

Thank You

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