Monday, May 21, 2007

Now it is Beirut's Turn: Explosion in Ashrafieh

12:05, TV stations report that a big explosion took place. It was under a parking car facing ABC. There have been a women killed, because the wall of her house crumbled on her, and she was 63 years old. According to the Security Forces, 10 people are wounded, they were taken to Hotel Dio. The explosion is expected to be 15 KG, created a hole of 3M in Diameter, and 1.5 M in depth.

As I look on TV, seems Fatah Islam want to tell the Lebanese that they will transform Lebanon into a volcano, this is a volcano burning, now in ABC. 14th of March argue that this is Syria because it is trying to distrupt the International Tribunal (although now it is no longer in Domestic Hands, since it is going to be approved by the International Community.

The Streets are empty.

1:23, Solange Gemayel just spoke and compared that Ashrafieh has been standing since 1975!! Shoo khas hay bi hay. The Civil War circumstances were different, or would someone remind her of East Beirut during the Israeli Seige?!

1:26: Minister Far'oun commented that this is the fourth offensive on Ashrafieh

My perspective: This is no longer a "Sectarian Charge", this is a terrorist attack to spread fear. If that is the case, Fatah Islam are related to all those terrorist explosions such as the Ain Alaq massacre


AM said...

Obviously yesterday was a heavy day be lebnen, even here we were logging on all throughout to read the news ...

... you reach a point where you don't know exactly what to think ... and you don't know what to hope for or whether 'hoping' is smart to start with ...


Khawwta said...

killl 3omroun terrorist attack.. killing people, destruction, assassination... Iza ma 2dirna nwa2ifoun rah nssir mitil el IRAQ.. kill yom 100 chahid

Libertad Combativa said...

Hi comrade:

I'm a marxist militant from Argentina. I found this blog. I think is interesting.
The last year i and my comrades were stopped and jailed when we defended the Lebanon and palestinian people of the zionist's attacks.
I want beging a letter interchange if you want also. I am interesting about the Lebanon and Middle East politics,in special, the left's policies.

I wait your answers.

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