Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 2: Fatah el Islam Versus Lebanon: Verdun Burns

Day 2 of the war proceeded with Fatah el Islam, who became recognized as a terrorist organization. The Killed ones of those terrorists have proved today, despite what they deny, they are under suspect to be directly affiliated with al-Qa'eda, because one terrorist killed was a prime suspect for attempting to bomb the Berlin metro. That is the only clue for now. Moreover, another prime killed terrorist was related to the Ain-el A'alaq building. Relations between Fatah el Islam and Syria have not been diminished for several people. They were accused before, because according to different sources, their political statements appeared in Pro-Qa'eda sites.

Through out the day, combat proceeded between Fatah el Islam Nahr el Bared (North) Camp and the army. The army struck a seige around the camp and bombed suspected locations for the Fatah el Islam. The Palestinians suffered royally from this issue. Actually, ever since the Ain Ala'q massacre occcured, Palestinians have been leaving the camp to live with their relatives. Ever since those terrorists arrived, they forced women to remain at home, and wear the veil. Several Army soldiers and civilians have been killed. The Red Cross successfully brokered a two hour seize fire to get the casualties out and supply the Palestinians with food aid... when the casualties have been taken out by the Red Cross, fighting broke again after 20 minutes. The President and Prime Minister can at least give the Red Cross volunteers the highest recognized medals of honor in Lebanon for such bravery. It has to be noted that one of the Fatah el Islam is originally from Allepo, Syria, and another is a local, from Tripoli.

Now, as everyone feared, a new bomb exploded, and this time in Verdun rather targeting a Christian area. The explosion is much bigger than yesterday's, also loaded beneath a car, and took place facing a restaurant Scoozi, under a car. The explosion caused two buildings to explode, and created a shock wave that causd cars flying, and glasses broken within a Kilometer Diameter. Till now, seven people are severely wounded. One in the Maqasid Hospital, and Six in the Hospital Fire is in several apartments, and a lot of stores have their glasses broken.

This is the second Commercial location being hit. This area is very close to the Speaker of Parliament, and elite Shiite leader of the AMAL movement Nabih Berri (which means security should be triple in the first place in that area). Now, for sure, life style has been demolished in Lebanon. Everyone was expecting a bomb, and a volcano errupted. This time it was around 10:45, too early. The UN, already warned its personnel to be by 11:00 at home, I guess this time it will br 10:00. Till now, assumptions go under the logic that explosions are taking place during the evening. The ultimate fear would take place if their terrorist retaliations would be during the day, then people will be their prisoners , pinned in their houses.

Worse, there are 30,000 Palestinians prisoners/Hostages of Fatah el Islam, and their live conditions are really bad. Fatah and Hamas are trying to get a seize fire to help the poor Palesinians.


Mustapha said...

I don't know man. This doesn't sound like Al-Quaeda at all.

Al-Quaeda tries to maximize the amount of vicitms to cause as much panic as possible. The syrians on the other hand try to maximize terror and minimize the amount of victims, which seems like the case in verdun to me.

apokraphyte said...

Thanks for the updates.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Good point, Mustapha, that is why I edited my post as the only clue in affiliation to them

Anonymous said...

you guys cant point the finger at syria like ur doing right here. this is far bigger than it seems, if u stop merely scratching the surface and actually thinking beyond the box, ull see that this is part of a large scale attempt at the destablization of the entire middle east region, syria included. syria does not by any means benefit from maximizing terror in Lebanon, since either way, the US finger is pointed at them regardless of their involvement. if u guys remember the civil war was sparked by the palestinan question, segregating the lebanese into two distinct factions... pro palestinian presence in lebanon, and anti palestinian presence in lebanon... doesnt that seem to ring a bell? whats happenin in lebanon today is just another way to spark the half lit flame of sectarianism in lebanon.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

They are a suspect since their leader was living in Damascus, i didn't say they were, they are for now suspects.

As for the war, it didn't start because only of the Palestinian issue, read :

Angry Anarchist said...

their leader was living in Damascus
In a prison cell.
He was released after serving his time.
Following which he made his way to Lebanon.
Thus, he became Lebanon's responsibility once he set foot in Lebanon.
Ma3lesh let us be objective for once and stop idiotically pinning the blame on Syria based on "guilty until proven innocent".
It is becoming quite ridiculous that a Marxist of all people subscribes to such an "explanation".

Angry Anarchist said...

This is an actual headline from Hariri newspaper:

الجيش والقوى الأمنية يتصدّون ببسالة لاعتداء النظام السوري شمالاً

Maybe they will give you a job?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I love how anarchists accuse people of things...

Angry Anarchist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angry Anarchist said...

I did not accuse anyone. At this point it can be just about anyone behind this mess.
While I keep my options open, you immediately point the finger at Syria .

There is a difference between being a suspect (and potential culprit), and being "guilty until proven innocent". You are not "suspecting". You are concluding that Syria is guilty.

Based on what?
Based on the fact that he was living in Damascus.
So, USA, Germany, etc. are responsible for 9/11 since most of the perpetrators actually lived in USA / Europe at one point.

Yeah, some logic there!!!!

I don't know, maybe you might even find your place in the "haraket inkaz".

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Thank you angry anarchist for all the insults, and yes, they are a suspect, what is the problem with that?

lalebanessa said...

angry anarchist
Their leader was in prison in syria on a murder count and was released after he served only 3 yrs.
So yes, when a murderer is let loose after only 3 yrs in a country where you are put in jail for 12 yrs just because of what you wrote somewhere,and ends up in an elaborate terrorism war in another counrty, it makes most of us very suspicious. Also the added statments of bashar (ha-ywale3ha) and the syrian ambassador to the UN (who for some reason decided to inform us what we already know, that this stuff always happens in relation to the tribunal events),bizedo e-tein ballee.

Angry Anarchist said...

when a murderer is let loose after only 3 yrs in a country where you are put in jail for 12 yrs just because of what you wrote somewhere
Wouldn't the same apply to Geagea?

Wouldn't the same apply to Jumblatt?

By your logic, they are not any less of suspects than Syria. In fact, since MFL and his fellow "comrade" pointed the finger squarely at Syria, I may point the finger squarely at Geagea & Jumblatt (and other war criminals who are on the loose). By the way, it is funny that Geagea of all people said the same thing you just said, about "how on earth did Syria release this guy knowing he had blood on his hands?" He, on the other hand, is an angel. BRILLIANT.

And again, I do not take issue with suspecting Syria, but with pointing the finger at it (i.e. "concluding" that it is Syria).

Let us call a spade a spade.

Angry Anarchist said...

By the way, if Syria is a suspect, if Syria is behind it even, an equal share of responsibility falls on the shoulders of those who knew about Fateh Islam and did not lift a finger, and what is more, RELEASED them !!! Let me guess, Syria also had a hand in that??

Who released the Dinniyye fanatics? Syria again? Everything is Syria Syria Syria????

Let me also guess, Shabeb Tayyar al Mustaqbal meetings in Saida discuss only one thing: "tashayyo3" and the idea that soon "there will be Ashura2 ceremonies in Saida". let me guess, also Syrian attempts to impose "fitne" on poor, blameless Lebanese?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Listen, you crazy anarchist, my opinion is currently these two till proven otherwise, got a problem with that? Fine, I did say primary suspects, so what are you trying to prove? You are the revolutionary spirit? How pethatic, you are pethatic, and delusional, who made you the primary source? WHy don't you write another post? Miss Fatwa, do not need to defend myself, I attacked all and I observe... you just sit and watch Manar (what a credible source WOOOOOOOOOOOOW)

Keep inventing illusions, and shoving words into our mouths, personally, I think you are nuts trying to be "look at me, I am Larry King!", buzz off Anarchist, you just live to feed on us... I discuss what I see till I am proven otherwise, and mind u I don't care. You for other hand, support right-wingers, primarily Nasrallah, dig up word by word although you disregard totally the overall content of my blog, and then pretend you are a saver, as you notice I am not bothering to debate with you, coze you are more defensive on Syria. Oh yeah, how would you know about Lebanese Left? You never participated in anything... you think "oh look at us, yay, black blocks, smashing stores, is the only way everywhere... bleh, it is true when Engels called the Anarchists as a waste of time.

In case you haven't noticed, I am treating you the same way you treat your audience, you will never be a leftest.

You are so reactionary, you are no longer a comrade of mine, reactionaries are not worth it but to be emancipated...

The hell with you, you blood leech parasite