Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MFL's Lesson to "Warriors"

Those who expect others to follow their logic of line because they are against Zionists are wrong and hypocrites.

To oppose Zionism does not necessarily means to support Hezbollah! If anyone who countered the Zionists and limited them from being productive were the revolutionary Marxists under the organization of the 2nd and 3rd International. Moreover, those who impose on others a straight line of thought to abide by are nothing but fascists. That is why I never joined any movement in Lebanon, because none are progressive. If Hezbollah are so wonderful in the eyes of Pro-Palestine activists, then why don't they join them? Oooooops, I forgot, they gotta be believers in the first place in the entire Ideology and Practice which is followed by the Shora Council.

Moreover, those who oppose Zionism or 14th of March can't expect that in defecto a person should be against the other! Hell no, supporting one reactionary group against the other is the ultimate treason not only to the Lebanese, or Palestinians, but to the Proletariat of the World itself. To be an ultra-nationalist is to be racist, point! There is no golden mean (a la Aristotle's way). In nationalism people would think about people divided according to birth locations! So what, some warriors would participate for the first time in their life (at a late age sometimes) about activism, without having your skull cracked, makes a person a self-proclaimed "I am a warrior", I got news for all of you! As long as you are ultra-nationalist then fine, you are not a warrior, you are just a person filling the void of doing nothing, specially once the "relief" is over.

Interestingly, I still can't figure out about not taking a stand "with any of the Lebanese" factions as wrong. Why, because I follow my prinicples and got activism on-going for a longer run goal? Yup, yup! Fine, till now nobody trashed the Israeli tanks the way Hezbollah did during the July War (and what a beautiful site it was) BUT shoud it be mandatory to support the opposition that blindly? Of course not! Hell no! Why, you may ask me? Well fine, these people do not have any progressive criteria, you can't face a highly organized racist institution like the Zionists or US imperialists (what, havent you known about that?). I go against all, government, opposition, Syria, USA, whoever rules Lebanon, for a small reason, because my revolutionary goals are the still the same! Anyone got objections? No? lovely, if yes, then go learn how Palestine fell in the first place. That leads me to another lesson, how the hell ultra-nationalists go hailing Palestine, and "Aiyoha el Quds ha nahhno Qadimoun" and know crap about how it fell?! The reasons? Actually, some fighter never knew that there was a King-Krane Commission that slaps the Zionists in the face (something I will publish one day). To face the Zionists, you gotta know how the situation became here. Heck you gotta go back to the 19th Century to read and learn, if you want to go and face the Zionists. No one scared Lord Balfour more than the Communists since half of their leaders were Jews which slapped the ZIonists' claims (of the Jews as oppressed) in the face back in 1917-1921).

More interestingly, experience and interacting with the world, with an objective eye, as much as willing to say who did what (no matter how it damages the heroic figures you love) but you gotta embrace them. AMAL and Lebanese Forces need to admit publicly that they butchered their allies as well as civilians. The reader has to understand that, and understand history. Of course, interacting with the world, and looking at Capitalism straight in the eye is what ought to be done. Been doing so for a while, well, yeah about 10 years.

Funny though, first time I entered a fist to fist combat position (with me in a defensive) when I was debating that there is a big difference between a Jew and a Zionist. Chomsky came to Lebanon, a lot regarded him a "Jew in disguise" suddenly he became a hero to the SSNP because Nasrallah had lunch with him. Oh wow!

In two weeks, I will be active on the ground, for all different reasons. Those ultranationalists better learn to become humans rather racial, and think how to expand their moveents.

If I am not with the Opposition means I am with Zionists?! Hell no! What is wrong of demanding that the revolutionary left should be working on itself rather blindly cheering the Opposition or the Government? I see no difference between them except the suffering of the Proletariat in Lebanon!

In the end, there is no war but class war!
Hasta La Victoria Siempre


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Puppeteer said...

Internationalism is THE Utopia, unfortunately. And unfortunately more, it's us the non-white that always call for Internationalism. Have you ever met a white person calling a Semite or African "brother" of their own free accord?