Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tribunals, Trials and Tribulations in Lebanon?- Laurie King-Irani

Good article regarding the Tribunal in relation to domestic, regional, and international actors, check it out here...


Anonymous said...

"Arguments that the tribunal is a violation of Lebanese sovereignty would be much more convincing if Lebanon had any sovereignty as a centralized modern state to begin with. Lebanon is neither a nation nor a state at present, and has not been for a long time. The real issue in Lebanon is not "Who killed Hariri?" but rather, "Who Governs Lebanon?". That cannot be -- must not be -- answered by outsiders or decided by imposed political, legal, or military means. Lebanon could not bear that now, and the dangers of a renewed conflict are palpable."

Isn't the same rhetoric we constantly keep hearing regarding how countries need to handle their own affairs?

look, in a contemporary context of how governments choose run their countries, so-called models of development will always be influential, and yes, these 'models' will always have external influence to them.

This article stinks of the same old utopian vision for a nation, let alone Lebanon, that wishes the absence of external interference.

this can't happen and i think society need to accept that.

oh and by the way, from a leftist point of view, if you could please come up with a solution combatting imperialist intentions, that modern day lefty's have failed to develop (mostly attributed to self-serving political agendas, not a genuine concern for political development - so like the Right), then kindly elaborate, because it really pisses me off that a diatribe of 'alternative change' is tirelessly promoted, yet never a consensus is reached.

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lalebanessa said...

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Renegade Eye said...

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