Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bomb in Manara -Hamam al-Askari exploded! MP Walid Eido Dead!

Update: According to Arabiyya, 10 people dead and 20 wounded, ambulance sirens been moving down my house all day

Whoever this is, definitely is trying to bring forth the Iraqi situation to Lebanon. Terrorist acts, Sunni-Versus Shiites, foreign intervention by US and its allies, Syria, Iran, ... Situation sucks


Update! Future TV just announced the Parliament Member of 14th of March/Future Block has been assassinated, along with his son, and two of his bodyguards. This offensive is clearly restorted the Pre-Fatah Islam Political Assassination. This activity is different than the latter ones we have witnessed. More Turmoil spreads its wings deeper into Lebanon! Two more civilians are still unidentified, all wounded and deceased are in the AUH Hospital.

Either someone is triggering a collision between the government and opposition. As I said earlier, it can be anyone.

As I speak,20 minutes ago my house's foundation shock. I do not know who of my friends are down there (because my friends are meeting there today at this time). But I write, a car loaded with explosives blew up into kingdowm, wounding 10 people and five people killed (and I hope the ones I know are not among them).

The series of explosives have exploded industrial areas through out Lebanon ever since the war with the terrorist organization began. First was ABC in Ashrafieh, a gigantic mall, the second was in Verdun, a location of hotels, trade centers, and restaurants. The third was in Alley (clearly a surprise then because it was outside Beirut). Others were in industrial location of Kisirwan.

Walid Eido hangs out there on daily basis. Everyone knows he hangs out there, so we are not sure if he was on the list or not (reviving the political assassinations prior to war with Fatah Islam).

Earlier through out the week, a bomb was dislocated at a beach entrance in Tyre. Everyone knew Rawshi, Hamra, Monot, Gemayzi, and large educational facilities are targets. Tyre was suspected, my cousins went to Sporting Beach earlier today, and told me that security has been minimum as well. What is wrong with the Internal Security Forces?! el- Hamam el Askri was a hotspot. This sucks, already Jana Nasrallah, Reporter of Annahar, reported how Tareeq el Jdeedi and Gemayzi are doing their own patrols rather trusting the government.

Worse, we do not know who is behind these terrorist acts, and this one makes it controversial. Was Eido targeted in specific or the area because of its huge cafes and location of offices? The second question is, will we replace the security forces with communal patrols? The situation seems dark, and nothing but dark!

This is our new trend of life. Worry at every car parked, worrying if this car is loaded with explosives or not. Fear has locked most of the people in their houses, and citizens are dying. Two Red Cross volunteers were killed by Fatah Islam in the Nahr el Bared couple of days ago, but we do not know if they are behind those explosives. Worse, we do not know if it is the same group behind these explosions. Lebanon is bleeding, now politicians will go scapegoating each other in scoring couple of political points within this pethatic disgusting ugly bi-polarity within the government and opposition. Worse we would have Arab and international leaders denouncing the attacks and as far as we know, half of them can have a direct or indirect hand in it (George Bush, Olmert, Assad Jr., Ahmadinejad, others). Bolton already said at Marcel Ghannem the Arab leaders encouraged Israel to bomb Hezbollah (which ended up bombing the whole Lebanon). Moreover, everyone is a suspect, and I really mean EVERYONE.

Welcome to New Lebanon, the Lebanon of fear!


La Lebanessa said...

was a little worried about you, since you hadn't posted in so long. I hope you heard from your friends and that they were OK.

Puppeteer said...

Follow the scent of petroleum...

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Angry Anarchist said...

Moreover, everyone is a suspect, and I really mean EVERYONE.
Yeah, now you are beginning to make more and more sense. :)

Worry at every car parked, worrying if this car is loaded with explosives or not.
Welcome to Iraq 2.

Anonymous said...

Load of crap. Perfect affiliation hideout for cowards = calling himself a "marxist in Lebanon". Please...!