Monday, June 04, 2007

Lebanon , The Drama Continues

For the past couple of days, the Lebanese Army out of the blues entered the camp, while Palestinian refugees are suffering badly, and the ones stuck in the camp are suffering more.

The Lebanese Army, probably since 1975-1976 confrontations, used a military helicopter on the Nahr el Bared Camp, despite all expectations, and the clashes continue.

The entrance of the Lebanese Army has different implications which is till now a win-win situation:

1) The Army winning its front with minimum casualties in its lines promotes what the Capitalist government has been always preaching: One Strong State-One Army

2) This leads to the disarming process, whereby the Palestinian militias should disarm, another arguement by the Seniora government, which would lead to Hezbollah

3) With the army performing brilliantly according to the Lebanese, the notion: "Lebanese Army sole protector of Lebanese and Palestinians on Lebanese Grounds" which slaps Hezbollah in the face. Why the need of Hezbollah according to reactionary 14th of March when the Lebanese Army is present?!

4) Rise of Lebanese Nationalism and Pride, probably this is the first time the Lebanese Army is involved in confrontations which triggered more solidarity to go towards the Government's claims.

5) The Government's policy, in terms of foreign relations, is similar to Fatah in Palestine. What Fatah is doing in Lebanon echoes what is happening to Fatah over there. Fatah militants, with perfect coordination with the Lebanese Army, are supporting a 'face-save' of the Seniora Government. Fatah militants today, according to reports, blocked Fatah el Islam from mingling with Palestinian civilians stuck in the Nahr el Bared. Furthermore, they succeeded in acquiring certain rooftops to prevent Fatah Islam from taking shots on the Lebanese Army, as well as assisting them on taking out Fatah Islam militants.

6) The Lebanese Army in times of desperation while following an International Community blessing would recieve support, as long as the government is made up of the same material as 14th of March.

Fatah Islam sure looks in a very weak position, as people are anticipating its end soon. They tried to escape by the sea, and the Lebanese Army intercepted them via the sea.

A New Front Opened

Now, a new front opened up, in Saida. Jund el Sham after being on high alertness, threw a bomb today. Jund el Sham are supposed to be made up of similar material of Fatah Islam, but allocated in Saida. They are expected to be couple of dozens in numbers and they are allocated in one street within the largest refugee camp known as Ain el Hilwi. It is expected Jund el Sham did that out of solidarity by throwing a grenade on a Lebanese Check Point.

According to a Fatah officer, they are barely about 50 people, and Fatah had several encounters with them in Ain el Hilwi (whereby Fatah is expected to be the most powerful, and Osbat el Ansar to be second in strength). He argued that Fatah el Islam and Jund el Sham have direct links with each other, and somehow Fatah Islam updates Jund el Sham about the situation in Nahr el Bared Camp. His speculation is that they opened a front to attempt to ease off military pressure on Nahr el Bared Camp.

Different confrontations took place between Jund el Sham and the Lebanese Army. Hamas reconfirmed its support to the Lebanese Army, and considered any offensive on the Lebanese Army is the same as attacking the Palestinians. Osbat el Ansar (League of Partisans in Arabic, not to be affiliated with the Partisans' Resistence under Tito's command during WWII)were commissioned by the different Palestinian Parties inside Ain el Hilwi to control Jund el Sham (soldiers of Damascus in Arabic, although Damascus tends to refer towards the Middle East rather the Syrian Capital). It is interesting specially that Jund el Sham and Osbat el Ansar more than once were standing togather as they displayed their muscles and demonstrated togather against what is happening in Nahr el Bared Camp.

Last but not least, I would like to stress on the point that despite their small number, Jund el Sham can actually benefit from the tight streets (if well funded) to really disturb the Army, then hide within the Ain el Hilwi camp.

Fascism has risen between all forms of Nationalist supporters. Whether Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Arab, or whatever, they just strive to cancel the other under the logic of hatred and "self-virtuous" of reactionary warriors for a cause.

Meanwhile, 14th of March and 8th of March continue to trash each other. Both are bunch of reactionaries that the people in Lebanon can live EQUALLY better without both of such leaders. Those who support the government or opposition are both reactionary.

A new line of refugees began today from Ain el Hiwli Camp, one of the largest Refugee camps in Lebanon. Refugees are expected to be 650, and people pay the price because of greedy leaders, and extremists.

Last but not least, I would like to stress that both Government and Opposition should not be supported since neither in the Short Run nor in the Long Run anything good would come out of them.


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