Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lebanon, towards UN Protectorate Mandate?

With the assassination of Walid Eido taking place, Lebanon has jumped to a new stage of complexity amongst war with Fatah Islam, the highly controversial Jund el Sham, Iranian and Syrian escalation versus US and Israeli hegemony over the Middle East,

Last year in August 2006, Lebanon for the first time almost in two decades witnessed the decent of the Lebanese Army to the South up to the borders. Lebanon’s army going to the South was highly controversial because those who supported the idea meant they were crippling the Resistance. With the Lebanese army, due to UN resolution 1701, over 10,000 UNIFIL soldiers came to South Lebanon to control arms flowing outside the Lebanese Army, primarily Hezbollah. I still insist why UNIFIL are not distributed on the Israeli side as well, since they are breaching UN 1701 on daily basis (bulldozers, shooting at civilians, aerial flights of the Israeli Air Force…etc). Syria threatened to close its borders in case UNIFIL soldiers monitored the Lebanese/Syrian borders, even if the UNIFIL soldiers were standing on the Lebanese side of the borders. Which is ironic judging how Syria excused Israel from rockets falling close to its borders, and raising its hands that “NO it wasn’t on our side!” then they took the credit as the victors of the July war (what gives?!).

This was the beginning of the end of Lebanese Sovereignty which was restored from the ruthless and corrupt Baathi system.

Eventually, with the reactionary Opposition having the Speaker of the Parliament, the Lebanese Parliament didn’t meet since December, ever since the Opposition began their open demonstration. Moving on, the Pro-West reactionary government succeeded, after heavy clashes with the Opposition, to get the UN to agree on establishing the International Tribunal to investigate Rafiq Harriri and others. With that, the government hopes to oust Syria permanently out of Lebanese affairs, or at least to strike a final blow against Hezbollah who publicly celebrate their good relations with Syria, and have financial and religious ties (Vilayat el Faqih) with Iran (both despised by the West).

With the Tribunal fully effective, that was part II of getting Lebanon into the arms of the International Community, while its people are gradually losing sovereignty because the government officials want to secure their interests and sources of income.

Third, with everything crippled on parliamentary and almost governmental level, three ministries have been fully active: Ministry of Interior who keep failing to provide security for the Lebanese. Actually, the Opposition hate the Ministry of Interior since during the July war, a commander of a certain Security Forces served tea to the Israelis. (The Joke goes: Fatah Islam demanded equality to the Israelis and requested that the Ministry of Interior serve tea to them). The Ministry of Interior (along with the Army) have been also behaving in several occasions racist to Palestinians living in the Urban side of Lebanon who are involved in relief work.

The scary part is the Ministry of Finance, which is the child ministry of the late Rafiq Hariri, whose plan to bury Lebanon in the WTO for different reasons. Currently, Minister Az’ur is still fully active with that plan, under 14th of March blessings (including the ‘leftist’ Elias Atallah), and the next couple of meetings, it is anticipated that the Lebanese Parliament would vote for adopting WTO procedures to attain membership and attempt to get rid, in another way, from Syrian Hegemony, while the US would increase their sphere of activity through out Lebanon.

Now, with the assassination of late MP Walid Eido, 14th of March, on the same day, made it clear they are going to ask for assistance from the International Community to monitor and control illegal activity on the Syrian Side, which Syria would react by closing borders. This is one messed up scenario, I sense we are almost close to become a UN protectorate while most of the Lebanese preach that a civil war is coming and take it for granted.

Meanwhile, social life has been as slow as ever. With Lebanon gradually becoming the next Iraq in terms of explosives, few people dare to go out of fear that this car parked or that car might carry explosives. Meanwhile Beqaa valley witnessed more arrests as suspected people with acquisition with arms. Now, everywhere is fire and Lebanon is more bi-polar as ever, specially yesterday Hezbollah captured three security forces in Dahhieh region (Beirut Suburbs) and released them later after interrogation. The North witnesses heavy confrontations between the army and Fatah Islam whereby Palestinian citizens, activist volunteers (such as the Red Cross), and Lebanese civilians are paying the price.

Worse, the South is on fire ever since the unknown militants launched two Katyoshas on Kiryat Shmona (Northern Israel). The reactionary government and opposition still clash each other to grab piecemeal profits. Seems that Lebanon would become the next target as a UN mandate protectorate. Personally I cant tell the difference between the government and the opposition.

Welcome to Lebanon, need a guide? Make sure that guide got militia contacts!


Blacksmith Jade said...

Hey MFL,

The idea of UNIFIL soldiers on the Israeli side of the border is a good one - I know they have a base (either a logistics base or a liaison office...probably the latter) in Nahariya. But it is an issue that has a lot to do with Israel's own politics than with our conflict with them - i.e. the presence of UN troops on its side of the border might make it easier to have UN troops on its borders with Gaza and the West Bank (something I support but which Israel is vehemently against).

As for the UN protectorate business, overall I think you're taking an unnecessarily negative view of a situation that could be very very useful for the country. I don't like the label UN protectorate (too general) but it should be recognized that any move to provide us with Int'l support would and should be used to counter external threats. We would still have a number of internal threats to the state that we would need to work on, and which might be used to counter any positive advances on the international front.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

that is the problem, if you got the opposition mobilized as a whole in support towards a certain outside threat, and the government towards another threat, where do we define threat as "real", it is rather interests of the elites in mobilizing the followers.

US intervention for me is as dangerous as Syrian Hegemony, and of course both are worse as Israel bombing the crap out of Lebanon or terrorist groups going frenzy in Lebanon.

Besides, none of the UN protectorates have been successful because they make the politicians' corruption real. I am willing to see Seniora to be ousted of the government on the condition accompanied for example with Aoun

Renegade Eye said...

Is it true that the Lebanese army, acts independantly? Journalist Seymour Hersh says that the terrorist group that was in the Palestinian camp, is getting $$ from the US, because it's against Hezbollah.

Puppeteer said...

Renegade, call me conspiracy fan, but I think this whole mess was made up to clear the touristic potential lands where the camps are situated. Then you'll have Saudi $$ financing some super luxurious touristic projects and another real estate boom.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Renegade, to say the truth , we are not sure about it, it can be any of the suspects: US, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, others...

the trend here is either Syria or US,