Sunday, June 17, 2007

Militants launch two rockets on Israel

According to the Radio, unknown militants launched two rockets from either from Taybi or Adsi (South)towards Karyat Shmona. Rumors spread that unknown militants tat are Palestinians. According to al-Jazeera, they contacted Hezbollah and Hezbollah denied to have any participation in the matter. The Media and the people wait the UNIFIL and Lebanese Army to issue a statement. A third rocket was prepared to be launched was allocated. There are no human casualties from the Israeli side, and this is the first time since the July war 2 rockets propagate from Lebanon to Israel. Hezbollah usually adopt the operations when they launch the Katyoshas, so what is going on?! The Israelis just confirmed that two rockets, source from Lebanon, hit their locations... the question goes: Does Israel has a round II plan to bomb the hell of Lebanon again?!

Now Lebanon has four on-going issues:

1) The International Tribunal

2) Nahr el Bared events

3) Government and Opposition betraying the Proletariat

4) The unknown rockets

What's next?

Update: Israel till now, argued that if Hezbollah launched the Rockets, this means the UN resolution 1701 was breached, which will trigger a retaliation similar to last year (not that Isreal didn't abuse UN 1701 with all the aerial flights, IAF planes are even flying above Nahr el Bared). If it was not Hezbollah, then they will regard it as a third person trying to push for a new war between the two parties (meaning Lebanon + Hezbollah since the stupid Zionists do not tell the difference and Israel) .

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Khawwta said...

lebanon has 5 on going issues:
5) the palestinian refugee