Monday, February 05, 2007

Some Cartoons While Pondering on Different Themes

link: Let us not forget the blood of the Palestinian Proletariat that have died on the hands of the Zionists, and still are capable to give with their blood new life despite the odds of the reactionary political parties and Israeli's racial aggression. This masterpiece (like all his masterpieces) are done by the great martyr Naji el Ali

link It also means no accountability

Link: Still wondering how much Bush machinary is making money from the situation? Check Corpwatch

Link, it was tagged on the website as anti-sematic however Sharon is known in the Arab world exactly as this cartoon. There is no anti-semitism in it as the man was a brutal murderer (who can forget the Sabra-Shatila Massacres which the Kahan Commission found Sharon guilty). But who will ever forget the war crimes of Ariel Sharon in Lebanon (1982 - 1984) to the extent the United States Administration was discussed from him, and on the behalf of the Palestinians. Sharon is a war pig.

link: Pondering on why damned Zionists sent these intoxicate balloons to Lebanon, then goes publicly gathering support to the Seniora government, what? They want a new civil war over here after they failed in the last July war?

Link, freedom to Mumia Abu Jamal, and this is the land of democracy.


Margaret said...

Thanks for posting these. Israel pouring gasoline over an infant Lebanon was incredibly powerful. The accountability cartoon as well. The Bush administration is not accountable in any way, internationally or domestically.
I have decide that I am going to put link to your blog on my site. I like checking in here from time to time.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

likewise Margaret like wise

Angry Anarchist said...

Carlos Latuff is brilliant!

However, I noticed your characterization "Palestinian Proletariat", are you saying that this is essentially a class war?

Khawwta said...

The one about the Lebanese child is amazing.. thx for posting it

The Red Bolivarian said...

Holy Shit. I love it. Great post. Power to the People!!!

Maya said...

Brilliant. I love it.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Welcome Maya to my blog, I see you will get some of those zionist commentators as well soon ;)

In any case, seems you agree with me in a lot of issues while reading your blog