Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Drunk Poem

(Written in 5 minutes, so I know it will be a disastrous poem...)

Questions we seek
Answers we never hear
Singing to the shadow of the moon
And realized that it was blasted noon

We think we have a real in life
To fight with a never ending strife
A quest to know oneself first
Which unfolds daily with a thirst

He who shall find me insane
I shall never listen in vain
I am what I am for eternity
A revolutionary seeking serenity

Hoping for freedom of the collective
Away from politicians who are deceptive
If hell ever existed in reality
I shall see them roasting for eternity

The call of the revolution calls me
I shall fight and sail over the sea
The Revolution one day shall come
And it shall be, as written, sung

No more we shall hear their woes
Those damned politicians, our foes!
We shall dance upon their graves
As if it was our last days

Hate me if you want
You know I am blunt
This is your truth of the situation
Feel free to spit at its saturation

I have overcome all forms of slavery
I do not worship any figures of treachery
I look at you as a free comrade from above
And hoping to roast your leader in a dove

Those who shall dance to the tunes of their leader
Christians and Muslims, you are their feeder
The people will burn their leader as a swine
And I happily, shall drink my RED wine!


Blacksmith Jade said...

I like it ;)

Rampurple said...

not bad walla
"A revoluntionary seeking serenity"

i can see that... in u

Pocho said...

Pretty good Marx. It expresses how you feel, and that's the idea. There is another brief one about serenity that I find a good guide for putting feelings to realization.

Grant us the serenity
To accept the things we cannot change

The courage to change
The things we can

And the wisdom
To know the difference

Anonymous said...

...and Joseph Samaha's death -- does it leave any traces on the "Marxist from Lebanon"?! Or are you just too happy with simply being drunk?!!

Delirious said...

yeah I remember when this poem was written ;-)

VNTuongLai said...

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