Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Everything in Reverse in Lebanon

Usually, the leaders usually need the people to support and not vice versa, as this is the case of Lebanon where a member of the Sect supports the sect-leader to be protected or have a better business or etc etc etc

Second, we study in economics that when prices go up, the demand for the commodity goes down. Is it true? Well in Lebanon it is different, the more expensive the product is, the more there is demand on the product.

Third, if you are a minority in a region, you lack protection, which means shut up or be beaten by the opposing camp.

Fourth, the media should reflect the truth of the situation, it is inventing a situation.

Fifth, every single civil war ends, (at least in Eastern Europe), the war criminals were put on trial (as much as they could) as a means of true reconciliation, in Lebanon they were all walking free, with few exiled for temprary reasons and one imprisoned, because they were temprary not part of the game.

Sixth, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer under the open 100% Capitalist system, but instead the Sect Leaders get more support while usually people (specially been witnessed lately in Latin America) the people trash the leaders. Funny no?

Seventh, in time of crisis, things reach a climax and then everything calms down as one capitalist layer of greedy pigs replaces another, while over here the show goes on without any settlement.

Eight, opposition should occur on platforms and not ideas.

Nineth, Rock Metal albums have been banned in Lebanon since 1995 (well officially at least) while Dubai is hosting Iron Maidon which is considered number 1 black listed in Lebanon and primary encourager of teens to commit suicide.

Tenth, everyone claims independence but in reality all, like cowards, refute to say the truth, and publicly say that the solution is coming from outside.

A nation full of contradictions
A nation full of errors
A nation that was invented by mistake

And people blindy say: Long Live Lebanon, forever and ever (yeah right)


Liliane said...

That is one hell of a good post!!!!

I loved the media one! Inventing a situation *thumbs up*. right on! couldn't have put it better.

As for Iron Maiden and metal music in Lebanon, I am so pissed that we have one hell of a metal scene in Lebanon, amazing bands, they play very well, some of them even go and play in Europe! however they're not recognized in Lebanon!

I mean if a buncha people wear black it doesn't make them satanists, which ended up throwing a couple in jail! Go throw the real satanist in jail such as the warlords etc....

While we could've hosted festival for rock and other kinds of music, jazz instead of UAE or Qatar! While we could have one hell of a year in tourism, year after year, we are losing it to deserts (no offense to UAE or Qatar, 3am yestafido they're real business oriented, while we in Lebanon are ..... boneheads!

Okay, am calm :D

Khawwta said...

I liked the 2nd :) and the 10th
GOOOOD post... ballashit tjalliss ;)

Puppeteer said...

A fake nationalism for a fake nation. As they call it, the White Man's Burden.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

both our nations are fake puppeeter, sort of colonialist carvations trying to reshape their colonies to the European model. Only difference, they forgot that it took Europe centuries to evolve to this model, while ours was shoved...

Situation sucks and our Marxist tasks are getting harder and harder to accomplish

Been awhile Lillinae and Khawwta

Puppeteer said...

Not only our contries, but all Middle Eastern, African, South American and to an extent even Asian and East European countries. Oh wait, this is what they call the Third World, isn't it?

MarxistFromLebanon said...


practically the whole world except the traditional Triad mentioned by Samir Amin: Japan, Advanced nationso of Europe, and the United States

Angry Anarchist said...

tayyeb what about punk bands... punks and industrials encourage suicide too? :P walla. :P i didn't know that. i guess i committed suicide really and my ghost is typing this.

bottom line, those idiots should get a fucking brain and realize that if someone is going to commit suicide even seeing my face would tip them off the rock.

eh, well, i AM scary sometimes. but still. :P

Angry Anarchist said...

i was thinking..
if someone commits suicide today,
does that mean they will ban all those who are in power and those who are seeking "power-sharing", 'national unity" and all that deal...?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

both camps equate trash Anarchist, get with it

Angry Anarchist said...

re-read my comment. and my arabic post on my new blog. ;)

and update your link to my blog, it's ;)