Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rafi Madayan Wakes Up and Slaps 14th of March in the Face

MFL notes:

Rafi Madayan is the step son of George Hawwi, a biological son of a comrade who sacrificed everything, and the grandson of the Co-Founder of the Lebanese Communist Party who also engineered the 1925 May 1 demonstrationn & was head of the Armenian Spartacus League. He got his degree in International Relations, and already has some publications. He ran in 2000 for the Parliament and was classified then the youngest to run to Parliament. He was spearheading the Anti-Syrian alliance coalition then organized by the Phalange, Syrian Social National Party, and the extreme nationalist, the Armenian Tashnaq. The head of the coalition, Michel el Murr, did his best to crush down Rafi Madayan and had to even resort to cheating in order to make sure that Rafi Madayan didn't make it to the Parliament or else his holyness would be insulted. Rafi lost elections again in 2005, but this time as he participated with the 14th of March list but with a lot of difference as the Aremenian votes were united for Michel el Murr's list again. He became in the spot light directly after the Matn elections when George Hawwi, his step father, was assassinated, and he gave a speech in front of estimated 50,000 pro-Hawwi all raising the Hammer and Sickle. 14th of March placed a statue for George Hawwi as an attempt to control the martyrs assassinated next to Bashir Gemayel, whom George Hawwi wanted to see him dead and already did the arrangements to do so during the Civil War, when George Hawwi was the General Secretay of the LCP and co-founder of the Resistance Front when the Israelis entered West Beirut.

I wonder if now 14th of March will take down George Hawwi's Statue or will rely on Saad Harriri as he made George Hawwi a martyr for the right-winged reactionaries called the Democratic Leftist Movement. I placed the article in english here from the Daily Star. I will translate the article from Assafir when I have time today (should be more detailed)

Hawi's stepson says March 14 'betrayed' youth by the Daily Star Staff

BEIRUT: The stepson of George Hawi, the former head of Lebanon's Communist Party, accused the leaders of the March 14 Forces on Tuesday of betraying their constituents by seeking "personal gains." "The March 14 politicians betrayed the March 14 youth and spoiled their hopes of living in a free, sovereign and prosperous Lebanon," Rafi Madayan said during a news conference held at the Bristol Hotel in Beirut.

The ruling majority freed Lebanon from Syrian hegemony only to place it under American domination, Madayan said.

He said it was "high time" to question March 14 Forces leaders about their decisions of the last two years. He added that investigations into his father's murder should no longer be a tool of "political exploitation."

Hawi was killed by a car bomb in the Beirut neighborhood of Wata al-Mosseitbeh on June 21, 2005. No suspects have been tried in the crime.

A longtime ally of Syria, Hawi joined the anti-Syrian coalition after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005.

Madayan said his attack on the ruling majority did not "in any way" imply that he had joined the opposition.

"I realize the gravity of the situation and, in order to avoid yet another civil war, I felt it was time to dot the I's and cross the T's," he said.

Madayan accused the March 14 Forces of hesitancy.

"They failed to topple the president and they totally refuse to allow the government to resign, disregarding all the masses protesting in the streets of Beirut," he said, offering what he said was "a tiny sample" of the ruling majority's "undemocratic" behavior.

Madayan called for a revolution "to topple the current ruling majority and to bring about radical change to the Lebanese political system."

Madayan said he would always respect prominent March 14 Forces member MP Walid Jumblatt, however, "because I personally have been raised to cherish and respect the principles and ideology set forth by Kamal Jumblatt," the Druze leader's late father.

The late Hawi founded the Popular Guard, an armed wing of the Communist Party, during the Civil War. The militia was aligned with the Lebanese National Movement formed by Kamal Jumblatt in opposition to various forces. - The Daily Star


Liliane said...

Ma dayan ma3oun la March 14 :p

MarxistFromLebanon said...

He raised very intresting points :P, probably an opportunist, but the guy has threatened 14th of March to break their hegemony on the politician "martyrs"

Liliane said...

He is right about it, March 14 used names for their own good.

Anonymous said...

yeah ..they did ...
but name me on party who didnt ...never did ..or never will ...
everybody does that ...its only natural ...and if u dont do that ...ppl will say u neglect the memory of ur martyrs!!

and the guy is a big opportunist....some even said he did it for more money !!! i dont buy that ,,but still wasnt the right timing ...unlike he said !!

Lalebanessa said...

By giving weight to what Madayan says because he's someone's son / "step"-son, aren't you now being as bad as the rest of us?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

you missed the point of the post La Lebanessa :)

I was focusing on the point of 14th of March obtaining on Hegemony and the points he raised. I am neither 14th nor 8th, I may sound in one post belonging to the other, but I am not. Both camps can be attacked from different points, and that what I am doing.

As for the introduction, I also give those points because most of my visitors are the socialists and marxists outside Lebanon (unless some Zionists got angry).

Cheers :)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I also said he was probably opportunist as well :)

Lalebanessa said...


I didn't mean you shouldn't critisize M14 ,pls do, even I don't agree with everything happening on the M14 side all the time. I think critisizm is a must for a healthy society to keep evolving (and keep its politicians in check).

In fact, one of my biggest problem with the M8's is that they refuse to critisize anything their leaders (Nasrallah/Aoun) say or do, leaving their action unchecked [and in my oponion frequently wrong ;) ]

MarxistFromLebanon said...

lol, khalas with your blessings I shall do just that ;)