Saturday, February 03, 2007

Five Fine things About Me, What Others Don't Know

I have been tagged by the ever charming Sham in Ashrafieh , and come to think of it, this is the first time I get tagged on the blogsphere

1) I have got some Palestinian roots in me, but the problem is I do not believe in any form of Nationalism, neither the Lebanese nor the Palestinian. Rather I believe people are people wherever you go, it doesnt matter if people are from any religion or nationality or even color as long as they are not racists.

2) I never lasted in relationships more than 6 months, the problem they fade away quickly. Stubborness is a trait that keeps the passion going. At least that is the situation in a previous ones, I mean how a relationship would last if everything is routinesh and mechanic, there should be passion.

3) I suck at Arab Poetry, despite the fact I highly appreciate Jubran Khalil Jubran, I never liked the prof. who taught us Poems. They sort of shoved Arabic Poetry down our throats to memorize rather appreciate the beauty of Arabic Poetry. For those who do not read arabic, I would like to explain that Arabic poetry has various dimensions as each poem can almost be sang and the Arabic adjectives can be really exressive and with different meanings.

4) Just as I started blogging, I was going to quit after the July War, but afterwards, Renegade Eye discovered my blog and asked me to contribute at his blog. From here after I started blogging to the extent when I am free, I do my own research and publish it on my blog, or Renegade Eye, or Further Left Forum. I keep my identity secret because I can write better on any topic I want on any politician or event plus the nice threats as emails, and special thanks to Renegade Eye, I remained blogging.

5) Despite the fact I appear calm and relaxed, but hardship and rough experiences made me three times aggressive and angry. I spill out part of that anger when I want to debate and it comes handy. Yet, sometimes I get spaced out and prefer to be alone rather in a crowd when overwhelmingly I feel not comfortable with the ones surrounding me or I feel I am not blending in since I prefer to be myself rather put an effort to blend into other atmospheres.

These are my five things that few people know about me, catch you later my friends.

PS: I know it sounds weird answering them since my identity is secret, but what can I say?


Delirious said...

Hummm... interesting things~
But I don't think they revealed anything more than usual so I guess your identity is as secret as ever ;-)

Renegade Eye said...

I appreciate the comment. I'm lucky you write on my blog.

In the US, it used to be popular in the 1960s, to get married reading Khalil Gibran at the ceremony.

Point 2 is true for sure!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Nah renegade, you put me into blogging :D

Yeah, during the 1960s peace movements, I know, regarding Jubran

Golaniya said...

hmm, it is healthy not to stick to someone, or rather, it is healthy to know why you should not stick to someone, if this is the case.

regarding Arabic poetry, man, you and i will have lots of fights in the future;)

and i agree with Delirious, you revealed the minimum dude. bas mashil7al;)

Anonymous said...

I think you have just not met the right person! Arabic poems and arabic literature are two amazings things in the world, maybe u should give them a second chance:)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I love Arabic Poetry, well some poems, but as I said earlier, in some cases, it is made dry by our school system in Lebanon. Rather rigid, or we had bad prof. that year ;)

Either way, hopefully :)