Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ziad Rahbani: Hero of the Majority, despised by Minority

It is known in Lebanon that every leftist has to listen to Ziad Rahbani (well the leftist stereotype, specially plenty want to imitate his sarcastic style of speech). I am one of those who really love Ziad's music and plays, and interestingly you can see people from the Lebanese Forces (Ultra-Maronite Christian Party) to Syrian Social Nationalist Party (Syrian Nationalist Right Wing) listening to Ziad. Sometimes the amazing music of Ziad makes the enemies of today, partners in drinks at night.

No one but adores Ziad, at least used to. The problem is, a small faction despise Ziad Rahbani's music, because every time they hear his music: they remember his speech in People's Voice Radio Station. It makes me wonder, how to the Democratic Leftist Movement members (I guess will call them DLM from now on) feel every time and remember his speech trashing their reactionary leader Elias? (Funny thing, they were not supposed to have a leader my sources tell me). Now, Ziad, who was hailed as a genius in music, and his leftism was preached via his plays, is no longer over iconized. On the contrary, the DLMers, are preaching that Ziad is an idiot in politics, and some went as far as to boycott his music. One of the most quoted leftist figures (sadly rather that Marx or Mendel) is Ziad in the leftist sphere (or even in the social sphere), suddenly got degraded and despised by that small bunch of people. Of course they are going to take it personal, afterall, nothing they lack the leftist knowledge (to me Marxist) and follow the figure head system. They are afterall democratic, at least that what they try to market that.

If Ziad Rahbani reads this, I salute you for your speech. Even though I never liked your impact on youth, you are a genius within the leftist sphere. I do believe your speech annhilated the DLM, please continue on the rest of the parties that belong to 8th/14th March.


neruda said...

I agree with you ..totally
sadly though Ziad, just two days ago, in a recent "Bayan" saluted hasan nasralla and Aoun (i cud understand nasralla ... but nit aoun !!)


MarxistFromLebanon said...


Any affiliations to LAU ;)?

neruda said...

mmmm try harder ...
try AUB !!!