Tuesday, March 28, 2006

100% New Lebanese President

Well President Emil Lahoud, who got his mandate extended by the Syrians as a reaction to U.N. Resolution 1559, is enjoying his chair.

Meanwhile else where on the round table, the bi-polar camp is debating on the presidency. Dr. Jaajaa (of LF) and MP S. Harriri claim that the President this time should be 100% elected by Lebanese decision. Today in the morning at LBC, I heard the interviewer asking: "what chance you think there is for a 100% Lebanese President?", and I heard a person reply on the phone 100%. Ironically, all argue it is 100% Lebanese. Technically it is true if all the political parties agree on the next president, yet in theory is it 100% lebanese choice?

Let us reflect at least on the international pressures that are floating via Lebanon, we got the Syrian - Iranian pressures, we also got Palestinian Pressures from within, we got U.S. and French pressures from elsewhere, we got the ever sacred Saudi Arabia imposing pressures, we got... etc

What an agreement this new Lebanese President would be, and indeed 100% Lebanese of course (not).


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